Kieran's Story

My grandmother was the matriarch of our family and the glue the held us all together. When she passed, it was extremely difficult for all of us, but even more so for my grandfather. They had been married almost 60 years. My mom and aunt became his caregivers but could not be there for him all the time. I was living out of state at the time, but tried to visit and cook my grandmother’s recipes for him as often as I could. But he was terribly lonely and cried every day. Due to health decline, he stopped driving and going to his regular activities like the Free masons, Elks club, and bowling league. With further decline, my mom and aunt could no longer give him the care that he needed and he went into an assisted living. His biggest complaint was the food of course. No one could cook as well as my grandmother. He was not there long before he passed but I know he would have preferred to be home. Looking back, my family did not know about care giving services like Right at Home. Not only could  a caregiver have provided the personal care my grandfather needed, but also the companionship he missed. Beyond that, the stress and guilt we all felt for not being  able to be there for him all the time would have been slightly alleviated. When a call comes into office, it is usually an adult child who is stressed, worried, scared and unsure what to do to help their loved one. To me, nothing is better than hearing relief in someone’s voice when I let them know we can help. Being able to relate to the emotions they’re experiencing makes clients feel comfortable leaving their loved ones in our care.

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