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Meet the Staff of Right at Home Central New Jersey

Beth Sholom, Owner

Beth Sholom, Owner of Right at Home Central New Jersey

Right at Home of Central New Jersey offers in-home companionship and personal care and assistance to seniors and disabled adults who want to continue to live independently. We serve the communities of Middlesex and Northern Monmouth Counties and provide care from a few hours a day to overnight shifts to live-in care. We'll work with you to come up with the best plan for your family and always be available 24/7 to help.

Our owner, Beth Sholom, has a long history of caring about and for the elderly community. Her mother worked for 35 years as an assistant to the executive director of a nursing home in Brooklyn, a short distance from Staten Island where Beth grew up.

Both of her grandparents eventually had to live in a nursing home Her grandmother lost both of her legs due to diabetes and needed extra care and moved to the nursing home and Beth’s grandfather, who had lived with other family members, fell and broke his collar bone. He did not want to live away from his wife any longer so even though they were in separate beds on separate floors in the nursing home, they were together. Beth always relates their experience to the Kathy Mattea song “Where Have You Been”

"They'd never spent a night apart For 60 years she heard him snore Now, they're in a hospital In separate beds on different floors Where have you been? I've looked for you forever and a day Where have you been? I'm just not myself when you're away."

Beth’s experiences with her mother working at the nursing home and her grandparents living there inspired her to always want great care for seniors. She became an elder care attorney with a degree in special education, so she could advocate for both the elderly and people living with handicaps.

Beth’s passion has always been to ensure that her clients received better care than her grandparents had, and she has worked tirelessly for many years to make sure that happens. Recently Beth’s father fell and had brain surgery. As he recovers, it reinforced Beth’s commitment to make sure that her clients receive the same type of care from Right at Home of Central New Jersey that she wanted for her own father. Beth’s motto and belief has always been and will always be that we care for your family as we would for our own!

Beth obtained her Certified Assisted Living Administrator license (CALA) in 2014 in order to understand how she can work with assisted living facilities and serve her clients better. She is also a member of the New Jersey Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, the Arthritis Foundation, Caring Connections of New Jersey and the Middlesex Consortium for Senior Care. Her staff members and her children team up every year to participate in the Walk to end Alzhiemer’s.

Right at Home of Central New Jersey is proud to announce that the Smash Out Alzheimer’s Foundation has been established as the official charity of Right at Home of Central New Jersey. Our Owner and Executive Director, Beth Sholom, is the Founder and CEO of the Smash Out Alzheimer’s Foundation.

For many years, Beth Sholom has advocated and raised money for various Alzheimer’s charities in order to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases. 

Because so many of Right at Home of Central New Jersey’s past and present clients suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Beth Sholom has always been passionate about finding a cure for this insidious disease. She decided to form a 501c3 tax-exempt organization to be able to raise funds for Alzheimer’s-related organizations on an ongoing basis all year long. We are proud that Beth’s dream has been realized and we have received designation for the Smash Out Alzheimer’s Foundation to continue our fundraising efforts until a cure is found!


Karen Laura Downing, Vice President, Business Development

I am passionate about serving our clients and their families, building trust and creating partnerships. Most importantly, I have the opportunity to help make a difference to enhance lives every day. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family and friends, volunteering, laughing, learning, being active and visiting new places. I am proud to be a member of our amazing Right at Home family!

Karen Laura Downing, Vice President, Business Development for Right at Home Central New Jersey

Brian Hentz, Vice President, Business Development of Right at Home of Central New Jersey

Brian Hentz, Vice President, Business Development

My educational background is in criminal justice. I have always wanted to help people. Right At Home provides me the opportunity to apply my social skills to assist the people in my community. I get a great sense of fulfillment. Outside of my role here, you can find me at a New York Mets game, in a bowling alley, or singing karaoke.

Ellen Burke, Client/Caregiver Satisfaction Specialist and Social Media Specialist

Before I worked for Right at Home, I was a client who hired Right at Home to care for my father so when I tell people that Right at Home is a great company, it’s because I have experienced the care and understanding and compassion of both Beth Sholom and all of her caregivers first hand. My passion is writing and, even though I don’t live in New Jersey any longer, I manage all of Right at Home’s social media accounts from my new location. I also write articles to provide good and helpful information to our caregivers, our partners, our clients and their family members. I’m so honored to be part of such a great team!


DeDe, Human Resources and Caregiver Experience Coordinator of Right at Home Central New Jersey

DeDe, Human Resources and Caregiver Experience Coordinator

I recruit and retain caregivers. I thrive on my clear understanding of caregiver needs and concerns, and making sure they feel like they are a part of our Right at Home Family right away. I am graduate of Economics and marketing with special focus in IT. I am also a Certified Home Health Aide. I live in NJ with my husband and two sons.

Catherine Zalewski, Client Care Coordinator & Executive Home Health Aide

From a young age she was told to “find something that you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life." She has found that something in caring for those that once cared for all of us. She has a very unique perspective on what a client needs or wants because she has been in their shoes before. As 2x stroke survivor who spent months in inpatient rehabilitation, needing physical, occupational and speech therapies, she personally knows the value of a care-giver, and wants to give the best care she can to all of her client’s.

She is excited to be “Right At Home” with the RAH family and brings her extensive knowledge of caring for other’s to the forefront. Because of her history with stoke she works very closely with the American Heart/Stroke Association and can be found at many of their events telling her story and raising awareness.

She is a wife and mother and can usually be found training for her black belt in tae kwon do or running. She is excited to be here and looks forward to the opportunity of caring for your loved one!

Catherine Zalewski, Client Care Coordinator & Executive Home Health Aide at Right at Home in Old Bridge, NJ

Bhavani, RN of Right at Home of Central New Jersey

Bhavani, RN

Bhavani K Akula, RN, at Right At Home of Central NJ, believes that nursing is not just a profession but a “vocation”. Serving as a nurse is an amalgamation of mind and heart in healing physical, emotional & spiritual health of her clients. She feels privileged specially being able to assist, experienced with the geriatric population right from the beginning of her career.
Bhavani pursued a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from one of the top nursing schools in India, which played a substantial role in her professional ethics and passion. She is currently licensed as an RN in NJ and working as case manager for geriatric clients. She also worked for various senior care organizations like Adult Medical Daycare centers, and Homecare organizations.
As a RN, Bhavani brings to her career a deep appreciation for compassion, commitment and teamwork to serve a high quality of care to her clients and company.


Kieran Carmon, Marketing Manager

I get to combine my passion for helping people with my creativity. When I’m not assisting the office team, I enjoy creating art, hiking, kayaking, and routing for my son in his various sports!

Kieran Carmon, Marketing Manager for Right at Home Central New Jersey

Hali Figueroa, Director of Client Care for Right at Home Central New Jersey

Hali Figueroa, Director of Client Care

Working for Right at Home has allowed me to follow my passion of helping people by providing them with a valuable service. As the Director of Client Care, I am in constant contact with all of the Right at Home caregivers, our numerous clients and the various sectors of support for the elderly and their families. I put my energies into helping them by providing them with my knowledge and ability to serve as a resource on pointing people in the right direction

Freida (Fern) Kuhn RN, Field Registered Nurse

I am a registered nurse specializing in diabetes. I enjoy working with our clients in their homes and with everyone in the Right at Home office. I also enjoy writing children’s books.

Freida (Fern) Kuhn RN, Field Registered Nurse for Right at Home Central New Jersey

Priscilla, Scheduling Assistant and Executive CHHA Mentor for Right at Home of Central New Jersey

Priscilla, Scheduling Assistant and Executive CHHA Mentor 

Don’t settle for being average at everything but work to be great at what you do

My name is Priscilla and my work ethic has always been to put in my best efforts every day. Not only is it the right and ethical thing to do but the reputation of any company is based on people knowing that its employees are there to help, serve and improve the lives of its clients. And that is my goal every day in my job at Right at Home of Central New Jersey.

As a person who has always focused on human resources, being able to work in that area at Right at Home of Central New Jersey lets me channel my energies and passions by providing client satisfaction and positive experiences with all those I deal with.

Working with my boss, Beth Sholom, and my other colleagues has made me even more confident in my abilities to interact with everyone I meet and speak to. My goal is to make sure that we have great caregivers to help our clients and I work very hard to influence and mentor our caregivers and to provide solutions and suggestions when an issue might occur.

I believe that when you work with Right at Home of Central New Jersey you know that you are appreciated for how we help our clients, our caregivers and our partners and I am proud to do so.

On a personal note, I am happily married to my best friend and we are blessed with two "Right at Home" babies.

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