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A caregiver talks to her patient, an elderly woman, while they unpack groceries. A caregiver talks to her patient, an elderly woman, while they unpack groceries.

The Right Minute Video Series

The Right at Home RIGHT MINUTE shares relevant information that our seniors need to know about various topics of interest, all in about one minute. The RIGHT MINUTE episodes focus on pointers generating deeper thought on many issues germane to our seniors and guides the audience on next steps to take or where to find further information about the RIGHT Topic.

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The Right Minute - Traveling With A Loved One With Dementia

Traveling is still possible with a loved one who has dementia! With these steps, you can ensure that you and your loved one both feel as safe and comfortable as possible while traveling. Check out the video for more!
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The Right Minute - Adapting Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Older Adults

So much research shows that lifestyle choices can benefit our physical, cognitive, and emotional health. But chronic illness, injury, and even the normal changes of aging can make it more challenging to eat well, get enough physical and mental exercise, and stay socially connected. Gerontologists say the key is to adapt activities as our needs change. Read the blog click here.

The Right Minute - Substance Misuse in Older Adults

In this Right Minute Video, Brian Hentz, Vice President of Business Development for Right at Home of Central New Jersey, discusses the dangers of abuse of drugs and alcohol among older adults. More information about this topic can be found on our blog post HERE.

The Right Minute - Six Questions About Downsizing

Downsizing can feel overwhelming. In this Right Minute Video, Audrey Tesora, owner of Right Tough Organizing Services, LLC, discusses the top 6 questions you may have when discussing downsizing with a loved one.

The Right Minute - Grief Awareness

On this Right Minute video, Michael Vito Grandi, Vice President of Operations of Jersey Memorial Group, gives some key points on dealing with grief in honor of National Grief Awareness Day 2021.

We also encourage you to check out our "Understanding Grief" guide.

The Right Minute - The Longest Day

Right at Home of Central New Jersey celebrates The Longest Day not only because of the Summer Solstice, but to also recognize and support those with Alzheimer's and their loving friends and family that deal with this horrific disease everyday. Bring your Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc and join us Thursday, June 17 for a barbeque and step contest to win lots of exciting prizes! We will be accepting donations and there will also be multiple tables providing information about Alzheimer's and dementia and how to best understand and care for those who are suffering, making every day feel the longest for them.

The Right Minute- Hospice

In this Right Minute video, Beth Sholom, Owner of Right at Home Central New Jersey, talks about Hospice.  Hospice can be a difficult topic to talk about, and typically it is because most people don't exactly understand what hospice services actually entail.

We have great relationships with many hospice companies in the community and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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