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Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life for the seniors and adults with disabilities we serve. That means it's always about the people we serve and our dedicated team of caregivers and office members who work tirelessly to care for clients. We live and breathe our mission every day, with the goal of helping you navigate the journey. These are the people who work to bring you and your loved ones the highest caliber of in‑home care.


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Alyssa McCarthy

Office Manager

Alyssa McCarthy, of the Monroeville office, started her career with Right at Home in March 2020. She comes from an administrative background, managing past offices in the construction field. Alyssa was new to home care but fit right in, finding her place here. She handles the day-to-day operations along with getting new applicants started in the hiring process. Alyssa is very friendly and welcoming as she also bartends on nights and weekends. She is a go-getter and would love the opportunity to work with you in the future. "Honestly, I love my job. Great boss, awesome co-workers, a truly great place to work."

Caridad DeJesus

Staffing Coordinator

"Cari" started her professional career as a Medical Assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though tough on the field, she says most players were complete babies when it was time to draw blood. She worked at Right at Home while going to school to be a Medical Assistant, then when the long hours with the Steelers conflicted with her new job of motherhood, she returned. The flexible time schedule of being a caregiver was much more to her liking. "I loved being a caregiver. I loved going to people's homes and helping them."

After two years, she was promoted to a staff position in the office. As a staffing coordinator, she works with the client and caregivers to ensure every client receives all the care that is authorized by their insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid. 

"I love working here. The work here is great because it's flexible. We provide a lot of opportunities for people who may not have the same opportunities or the same flexibility and the same understanding as other agencies, where they don't care if you have a family. We do our best to accommodate everyone in their situation. We like to make sure the caregiver is happy and the client is happy with the situation. Our goal is to make sure to take care of our caregivers the same as we'd like them to take care of our clients."

Shandale Currie

Human Resources Director

Before she began working for Right at Home of Greater Pittsburgh, Shandale worked as a Legal Secretary at Fiscus & Ball, P.C., for an Estate Planning Lawyer that also issued Liquor Licenses for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. She joined Right at Home when they were looking for an Assistant to the Human Resource Director.

Although she has not worked as a caregiver, she soon learned to love her work. "I love working with the elderly. This was my first time ever working in this field and I've gained so much knowledge behind the scenes as well as hands-on learning from being out in the fields assisting the clients with their needs."

She believes Right at Home of Greater Pittsburgh has an advantage over other agencies in the industry. "We are VERY FLEXIBLE. Your work schedule depends on your availability to work. The office team is very friendly, laid back, down-to-earth, and very personable in this office. If caregivers are honest and upfront from the beginning with any issues, we try our hardest to work with them to help and assist them with any problems they may have. Our office staff are awesome!!!"
Shandale Currie, Human Resource Director Shandale Currie, Human Resource Director

Charmira Brown

Staffing Coordinator

Charmira was a waitress for twelve years before joining Right at Home. A self-professed "people person," she is now a staffing coordinator, which entails bringing in new cases, going out on home visits, and talking to the caregivers to ensure that work shifts for every client are fully staffed. 

When asked what she loves about her job, she said, "Meeting and getting to know new people. "New clients, new caregivers. Taking care of the elderly and making sure everything is good with them is very rewarding."

Charmira Brown, Staffing Coordinator Charmira Brown, Staffing Coordinator

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