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Leon Church, 2024 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year Leon Church, 2024 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year-mobile

Caregiver of the Year Known for Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Congratulations to Leon Church, a Right at Home Northwest Washington caregiver, on his recognition as 2024 National Caregiver of the Year! This is the highest honor Right at Home awards to a caregiver, and this year, we are proud to present it to Leon for his exemplary commitment to the company’s mission: to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Most of Leon’s clients are living with a chronic and debilitating health condition, where they not only need physical assistance, but also emotional and psychological support. This is where Leon shines. Every day can bring new challenges for his clients—socially, emotionally, or physically. Leon empathetically meets those trials by being the professional caregiver each of his clients needs that day, whether a coach, mentor, supporter, advocate, listener, or friend.

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One of Leon’s clients has cerebral palsy and needs assistance with all activities of daily living, including feeding and grooming, to keep up with his active lifestyle of attending meetings, conferences, church, and sporting events.

“Leon got to know our son, what our son liked, and what he didn’t like. Leon always respects our son’s thoughts, ideas, and wishes,” said the client’s father. “He encourages our son to be a self-advocate.”

To help the client continue his active lifestyle, Leon created extraordinary experiences by accompanying him to a three-day conference. Leon provided the needed care and support while helping his client experience independence and freedom. Leon also took some of his own personal time to organize and attend Seattle Kraken and Mariner games with him, which are hours away from home. Leon keeps the client busy, active, and living his best life.

“What makes Leon incredibly special is his innate gift to empathize with his clients and understand their social and emotional state,” said Steve Morris, owner of Right at Home Northwest Washington. “He goes above and beyond to help them live happier, healthier lives.”

Leon Church, Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year headshot Leon Church, Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year headshot

For Hunter, a former client who has dementia, Leon’s ability to adjust care to fit the good days and not-so-good days was paramount.

“We figured out early that Leon was able to adjust his approach with my brother daily depending on his mental state,” said Hunter’s brother. “Leon was good at balancing protecting Hunter’s safety while giving him the freedom to make his own choices.” For instance, knowing Hunter enjoyed walks outdoors, Leon let Hunter set the pace and destination, creating an experience where Hunter felt they were walking for miles.

Leon understands the complexities around providing extraordinary personal care while meeting his clients where they are on a cognitive level. By balancing the two, he earns the trust of his clients and their families, too.

“Our office is extremely proud of Leon,” said Steve. “He is very deserving of this incredible honor, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have him as part of the Right at Home team.”

Honoring Our Caregivers

National and Regional Caregivers of the Year are the highest honors awarded by Right at Home. Caregivers are nominated for their exemplary commitment to making a difference in the lives of their clients and teams. The winners are selected by a committee that includes Right at Home representatives and community professionals from outside health care, senior care and caregiving organizations. The award is presented annually during the organization’s conference.

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