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World Alzheimer's Day 2018 Myrtle Beach

Sharing Personal Experiences with Alzheimer's

Right at Home Myrtle Beach owner Wyatt Willoughby recently met with WBTW CBS News 13 on World Alzheimer's Day to talk about how to recognize Alzheimer's and help relatives with the disease. Wyatt drew from his own experiences with his grandmother, who passed away several years ago after a battle with Alzheimer's.

You can watch the interview on WBTW CBS News 13 website.

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's

Wyatt discussed some of the early signs that an adult may be suffering from Alzheimer's including the following:

  • Changes in Temperament and Personality
  • Inappropriate Social Behaviors
  • "In the case of my grandmother, I saw, someone who starts to just say nasty things about people when they never did that previously...Even when they are there in front of them."

  • Losing things and blaming other people
  • "With Alzheimer's you have no ability to retrace your steps and go figure out where it was, and so next thing you know you just assume it was lost or stolen rather."

Misconceptions About  Alzheimer's

Wyatt also explained that there are some common misconceptions about Alzheimer's, such as:

  • It's a normal part of the aging process
    • Wyatt said actually only about 10% of people over age 65 are diagnosed
      • 5% of all cases are early onset, happening before age 65
  • It's Curable
    • Wyatt explained while there are various treatment options and medications for Alzheimer's , there is no cure at this time.
  • It's Caused by Specific Foods
    •  Per Wyatt, there is no proven evidence of this, although there is research trying to find out if there are any correlations between lifestyle habits and the disease.

How to Help People With Alzheimer's

 Wyatt offered some pointers on how to help people suffering from Alzheimer's Dementia to enjoy the fullest life possible despite being impacted by the disease.

  •  Keep them engaged in daily activities
  • Simplify tasks by breaking down into smaller steps
  • Don't force activities that lead to frustration

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