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Caregiver Training with Right at Home

Right at Home Nashville believes in providing the best care. RightCare is the right people offering the right services, performing tasks the right way, all for the right reasons. We recognize that even the very best of intent needs to be accompanied by proper training, and understanding of procedures. As a part of our commitment to providing the highest quality in home care for your loved one, we offer in house training for our caregivers.

Caregiver helping with movement.

The training we offer includes:

Transfer and Ambulation

Mobility is a major player in keeping your loved at home longer. The benefits of being able to move freely in your own home are significant. Understanding how our bodies move help our joints and muscles stay strong and healthy rather than tearing them down from improper use. Beyond the basic increase in joint and muscle function people will find their circulation and repertory, as well as urinary function will improve. This ultimately leads to cognitive improvements due to stimulation, and circulation. Our caregivers undergo intensive training to insure your loved one's mobility is retained and strengthened.

Infection Control

Despite being a vital part of health care infection control often goes overlooked and under supported. As a foundation part of the infrastructure of health care Right at Home takes no chances with infections. We support our caregivers and your family by providing training in the areas of: personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and personal protective equipment. With proper infection control training you can be assured your loved will be cared for by a steady and confident caregiver.

Reporting and Documentation

Proper care when documenting and reporting acts as a support to providing timely and needed health care. With Right at Home's proper reporting you can find comfort in knowing that symptoms will not go unnoticed, allowing your loved one to get the care they need when they need it. Proper documentation allows for the right information to find the right outlet giving health care providers access to information when they need it. There are some specific areas that fall within reporting and documentation. Among those areas is Critical Incident Reporting. Right at Home takes no risks with your loved ones health. We dread the thought of something critical taking place, but we will be prepared if it does. With confidentiality and precision Right at Home's caregivers are trained to efficiently document care information and report their information to all appropriate people.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Part of Right at Home’s commitment to reporting and documenting information is making sure that information stays safe. As a step in showing our understanding each caregiver goes through thorough and comprehensive training to comply with federal and state regulations. Making sure your family's information stays confidential is important to us.


With statistics like one out of every three adults over the age of 65 falling each year, fall prevention becomes something worth being aware of. Information showing that falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries leading to over 2,000,000 injuries and over 650,000 hospitalizations make it a prevalent issue that we need to educate ourselves on. To do our part to limit this happening to your loved one we educate our caretakers on leading healthcare tactics in transitioning individuals during potentially dangerous movements. Training expands to different equipment that helps with in home movements including hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, and gait belts. Be assured your Right at Home caregiver has the experience and training they need to give the quality care your loved one requires, and as a loving family member the care you demand.

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