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Hallucinations and Dementia

If a family member has dementia or Alzheimer's, they could experience hallucinations or delusions. Your loved one is perceiving something which is not actually real. They are genuine to the person experiencing them, and nothing you say to your loved one will convince them otherwise. Right at Home Nassau Suffolk provides advice on how you can help your loved one if they are experiencing dementia hallucinations.

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How Chronic Pain Affects Seniors

There can be numerous reasons why chronic pain occurs in senior adults. Right at Home Nassau Suffolk looks at causes of chronic pain, as well as how to recognize chronic pain in seniors.

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Sundowning and How Homecare Can Help

If your loved one has Alzheimer's, sundowning, or late-day confusion, makes it difficult for them to fall asleep or stay in bed. Both of which can lead to fall injuries or dangerous wandering in the night. When sundowning becomes extreme and more than the family caregiver can handle, then Right at Home in-home care can help.

Female caregiver and senior female enjoying a cup of tea at a kitchen table with a tea kettle in the middle of the table.

Stress and the Family Caregiver

The stress of being a caregiver can undermine your health and so you must take steps to ensure that you stay healthy. Right at Home suggests some suggestions on how caregivers can find some relief and prevent eventual caregiver burnout. 

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Alzheimer’s and Long-Distance Caring

As Alzheimer’s progresses, the care your family member needs will have to be adjusted as time progresses. It can be very difficult to assess your loved one's condition when you live in a different town than your family member. A Right at Home caregiver can help provide needed support and care for your senior loved one with Alzheimer's Disease.  

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Spring Cleaning is a “Real” Thing

Is Spring Cleaning a scam created by cleaning supply companies? Nope! Spring Cleaning, especially in the Northeast, is almost necessary after your home has been hunkered down during the winter months, with little to no air circulation. It's smart to have a game plan when getting your home deep cleaned for the first time this Spring. Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk, NY provides you a good plan to follow! 

Fall Prevention

Modifications for Senior Living

There are several reasons why you would want to age in place and continue living in your home as you grow older. Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk points out that some changes may need to be made to your home to ensure you are able to remain in a familiar place safely.  

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Make Plans For Mother’s Day Now

Moms and Grandmothers work every day to make certain that all of the holidays are organized down to the last napkin on the table. Mother’s Day is THEIR day and hopefully, it will be a day that they are relieved of all of their usual responsibilities and can sit back and enjoy the day.  Right at Home Nassau Suffolk warns you not to wait to the last minute to celebrate mom this year!

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A UTI Can Be A Serious Danger To A Senior

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can be a grave issue for a senior. Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk helps you identify risk factors for seniors, as well as the signs that a senior may be suffering from a UTI currently, and steps you can take to help reduce the risk of a UTI in your senior loved one.  

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Helping Your Senior Get Ready For Spring

Spring is always a welcome change after a long and cold winter, but after 12 months of worries and fears brought on by COVID-19, it seems like this spring will be extra sweet. Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk lists out things to do before we celebrate the onset of Spring weather.

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