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How to Take a Break When You're a Caregiver

You may feel guilty about taking a vacation or a break from caregiving, though you deserve it. Don’t deny yourself a well-deserved rest, you’ll come back refreshed and be a better caregiver.

Medical Fitness Month

It is Medical Fitness Month and a great time for Right At Home to become a valuable asset in becoming medically fit.

How Hearing Loss Can Contribute to Dementia

People who have poor hearing often think that a decrease in hearing only affects their not being able to understand other people. However, a loss of hearing has an impact that's far greater.

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When Is a Geriatric Case Manager Needed?

When you're a caregiver for an elderly parent, you may wonder what a Geriatric Care Manager does and when you would need the services of one.

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Rules of Etiquette When You Have a Caregiver in Your Home

One thing to think about is that a qualified professional caregiver is trained to respect your dignity, wishes, and your privacy. Their job is to help you to age in place on your terms and will understand what you will need to accomplish this.

Seniors and the Opiate Issue

Because a senior may take more medication than any other age group, the likely hood of addiction may be more likely. Watching for signs of addiction in a senior in your family is the best prevention.

How to Manage your Elderly Parents Finances

It’s a good idea to have what information you will need on how to handle your parents’ finances before something happens or they can no longer do so.

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