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Food Poisoning and Seniors

When a younger person become ill from food poisoning, most will start to feel better within a couple of days or hours, but a senior may become sick longer.

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Natural Disaster Planning and Seniors

Preparing ahead of time for a disaster is essential, especially if you're a senior. This could especially be a problem if you have mobility issues, chronic health issues, or no family or friends close by.

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Seniors and Arthritis

Arthritis is more than just painful fingers. There are actually seven different types of arthritis with some more severe than others.

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Dementia and Aggressive Behavior

As dementia progresses with your loved one, agitation or aggressive behavior may develop. When this type of behavior occurs, try to find the reason behind it.

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Challenges with Proper Nutrition in Seniors

What are some age-related changes in seniors which can keep you from eating healthy? What can happen inside your body if you don't eat right?

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Handling the Holidays as a Caregiver

If you’re a caregiver, the holiday season can be overwhelming. You may love certain parts of the season but may dread the thought of other parts. Being a caregiver can be tiring from the physical and emotional demands of everyday life.

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Scams and the Elderly

There are quite a few con artists out there who would take advantage of the elderly. One problem is that seniors deny that they are vulnerable and at risk.

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Reasons In-Home Care is Better for Your Parent

You may be concerned about your parents and having accidents or an emergency when you're at work. But with an in-home caregiver, it can ease your mind.

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