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Caregiver Offering Companionship to Senior

Noticing the Signs of Alzheimer's

Be mindful that the signs may be subtle at first and can be easily overlooked or ignored, but may quickly start to become more apparent.

Senior client and family

When Your Senior Loved One Needs Home Care

The decision to hire a home health companion or aide can be a very stressful one for many families.

Right at Home Caregiver Assisting Senior Woman in Safely Descending Stairs

Minimizing Falls in the Home

Trips and falls can have serious repercussions for seniors and with that in mind, the focus for the family and the senior himself or herself should be on fall prevention.

Caregiver Offering Companionship to Senior

Pets and Seniors

Social isolation is known to lead to depression and that can prompt other physical and emotional issues that can escalate with time. Studies have shown that pets can help alleviate many of these situations by providing companionship and physical activity as well as a very real feeling of being needed and loved.

Man and Dog

Reasons Why a Senior Should Own a Pet

Pets can be a source of comfort for a senior, increase social interaction, and even improve physical activity. Having a pet can also decrease depression and loneliness for a senior.

Senior adult

Delirium and How It Affects Seniors

Delirium causes a disturbance in mental abilities which can result in reduced awareness of surroundings and confused thinking in a person.

Senior client and family

Parkinson’s, When It’s Time for In-Home Care

Parkinson's disease is one of the most disabling illnesses which can affect your loved one. It affects not only the life of your family member, but also it affects your life.

client and caregiver

Helping Your Senior Stay Connected

While a senior’s opportunities for social engagement may lessen over time, there are several things family members can do to help ensure that their senior loved ones feel connected.

couple cooking

Food Poisoning and Seniors

When a younger person become ill from food poisoning, most will start to feel better within a couple of days or hours, but a senior may become sick longer.

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