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Female caregiver wearing a mask and gloves serving food to a seated senior female in a kitchen.

How to Keep Your Senior Safe While the Country is Opening Up

With the warm weather and memories of family dinners and barbeques, many folks might feel that they can “ease up” a bit on some of the restrictions that have been in place due to COVID-19, and visit with senior family members. Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk want to remind you of simple safety guidelines that should continue to be observed.  

female caregiver and senior male sitting on a porch outside

How Heat Stroke Affects Seniors

With temperatures rising, Right at Home Nassau Suffolk explains how heat stroke affects seniors.  This blog details what risk factors and signs to look for, and how to prevent heat stroke in your senior loved one.  

Female caregiver folding laundry with female senior

The COVID-19 Virus and Your Mental Health

There is more the COVID-19 virus can affect than your physical health, it can affect your mental health too. Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk looks at social connection with other people and how it plays a large part in your health and well-being.

Female caregiver helping female senior exercise next to a pool

How to Be Safe When Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Traveling is still a bit of a question mark as to how safe it is, while most as states begin lifting restrictions, during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Right at Home Nassau Suffolk looks at things to consider before packing your bags.  

caregiver and client working on puzzle

Helping Keep Seniors Safe at Home

Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk believes that home is the safest place for your senior during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Right at Home spotlights some of the many benefits to using home care to protect your senior loved one. 

female senior on the phone

How to Social Distance with Your Senior

Right at Home Nassau Suffolk understands that when you are used to visiting a senior loved one, it can be difficult to maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Right at Home explores why it is important to maintain social distancing and ways you are able to remain connected with your senior while practicing CDC recommended safety precautions.  

female caregiver pushing senior female in wheelchair down a hall

In-Home Healthcare Providers and COVID-19

Right at Home Nassau Suffolk explains how in-home care providers can help maintain a senior's daily routine, and some of the extra precautions in-home care providers have adapted to help prevent a senior from being exposed to COVID-19 while in their homes.  

African American female caregiver with mask

Why Should You Wear a Face Mask During the Pandemic?

Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk highlights the need for face masks during a pandemic, along with instructions on how to make a face mask, as well as other helpful tips to help protect yourself and your family from infection.  

female using a laptop computer

What To Do When Your Senior Loved Ones Are Technology Challenged

Right at Home Nassau Suffolk gives helpful tips about how to make sure senior loved ones are connected to family and friends through technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, to help avoid feelings of isolation while social distancing.  

female caregiver with senior male

Coronavirus Scams and Seniors

Right at Home Nassau Suffolk warns of some of the common scams that seniors could face during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides resources that seniors can use to determine if they have been contacted by a scammer.  

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