Benefits of Home Delivered Meals for Seniors

Meals delivered by senior aid services for some seniors are a convenience, but may be a necessity for others. This is because one of the worries that concerns family caregivers who don’t live with their senior loved ones that they help is whether or not their loved ones are getting enough to eat. This concern is additionally is about whether the right kinds of food are being eaten to maintain health and control chronic diseases in seniors by having nutritious diets.

How to know if loved ones need helps with meals

Some seniors need help acquiring nutritious food because they may have transportation problems getting to the store. Also, carrying the groceries inside the home and then preparing them can be a problem for elderly people. Regardless, some things to look for to see if a loved one needs help with having nutritious meals to eat are listed below:

  • No transportation: If family members aren’t driving anymore, they may have problems getting to the store. If they do get to the store, then what they can carry can limit them to what they can purchase which then limits them in what they can eat. Knowing how mobile your senior is important.
  • Not enough money: Many seniors don’t have enough income to pay for basic needs. This can include medications, housing and healthcare. Because of the increased costs of these basic needs, the first thing they skimp on are groceries. So, often it’s important to know what the financial health of a senior family member is that you help care for when it comes to providing for basic needs.
  • Having difficulty preparing meals: Many seniors have issues with food preparation. This can be from poor vision, stroke recovery, weakness or arthritis which can impair movement or even cognitive abilities as with strokes. So, using stoves or ovens for food preparation can be dangerous for them. This can keep seniors out of their kitchens so that they eat poorly in nutrition convenience foods. So notice how your senior moves around the kitchen.
  • Social isolation: Seniors living alone who don’t go out much can become lonely. This can lead to depression which may cause these seniors not to eat. Also, if a spouse has recently passed away, the person who has suffered this tragedy may not want to eat because of the added feelings of loss and loneliness. So how well adapted an elderly person is is important.
  • Loss of appetite: A loss of appetite in a senior can be from many reasons. A medication that is being taken, physical issues, a recent medical problem; or even fatigue. So being in pain or being fatigued can cause a loss of appetite. So, knowing your senior loved one’s basic health is very helpful in caring for them.
  • Chewing or swallowing problems: When people have trouble chewing or if it’s painful to swallow, they may avoid eating. So, it’s important that seniors see their dentists regularly regardless of any food delivery service.

Why meal delivery?

Meal delivery services will allow seniors who have difficulty preparing meals for themselves healthy meal alternatives. These meal options are both easy and nutritious. In addition, the meals offered are also served at senior centers which not only lets seniors enjoy nutritious meals, but they can do so in the company of other seniors. Here, you can check on transportation help for your senior to go to one of these centers for meals at your local Aging Services Offices or at the centers themselves.

The other thing about the meals offered by meal delivery services is that they can be heated in microwaves or reheated easily in ovens if that’s your loved one’s preference. In addition, because meal deliveries help with senior nutrition, they also help to lower nursing care enrollments.

So meal deliveries for many seniors is important.

Gregg Balbera
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