Helping Seniors Stay Active

It can be difficult for seniors to stay active, especially during times of the year when temperature extremes make the outdoors feel unfriendly. While minimizing exposure by limiting outings in harsh weather is important for older or frail adults, mind and body wellness is important for health. Family, friends, and caregivers can help seniors get exercise, and still feel involved in life when most of their time must be spent indoors.

Indoor Exercise Routine

Staying active through movement improves mental and emotional well-being and promotes good health. Even those with limited mobility can take part in gentle exercise. Classes can be found online on YouTube and this senior exercise site. Simple stretches can be done by almost everyone. There are many options for low and no-impact exercises through senior centers and local churches. Adding exercise to a daily routine is important to senior health, both physical and mental.

Even when the weather is bad, seniors can still take part in limited and possibly supervised outdoor activities. Walking is a great exercise for seniors and with the right clothing and an awareness of the importance of hydration, can provide the added advantage of visual interest and fresh air.

Make Days Indoors Fun and Interesting

Indoor games can be fun and can even help improve your senior’s mental agility. Choose a game that suits your circumstance. You can shop together for a game that will suit you and your senior’s interests, while considering the number of people who will be available to play.

There are companies online that offer products for specific groups of seniors with special requirements. On their website, Relish offers games and activities for those with dementia. An article on the website Being lists many games that are suitable for older adults along with brief descriptions.

Board games usually require handling pieces, and are great for improving your senior’s mental and physical dexterity. Puzzles may be a good choice as well. Choose a game or puzzle that is suited to the abilities and attention span of your senior. Some may be able and motivated to work on a long-term project, while others may need fewer, larger pieces that accommodate their limited vision or dexterity. Sharing indoor entertainment activities can be a great opportunity for creating fond memories.

Share a Craft

Arts and Crafts can be greatly satisfying for those with a creative interest. Your senior can create a useful art piece through   knitting or crocheting. Learning to sew will also let your senior design a wearable or useful item. It can be fun to plan and shop for materials and supplies together.

There are many adult coloring books currently available that have images to color that are geared toward adults. Use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to create a colorful masterpiece. Many of these colored pages make great frameable art and even gifts for family and friends.

Drawing and painting creates an opportunity for freedom of expression in a non-threatening way. Many senior therapists use art to bring out a patient’s memories and troubles. Watercolor and acrylic paint is inexpensive and easy to clean up. All you need is paint and paper, brushes and water to create a unique work of art.

Is Your Senior a Writer?

Recording their memories and history can be an activity that brings not only your senior fulfillment and pleasure, but will give the entire family an opportunity to connect through shared history. If your senior has difficulty writing, get a recorder and let them tell you about their past, their ideas and their memories. There are companies that will transcribe the recordings into books that can be shared and passed down through the family.

Finding a Caregiver

Do you or a loved one need someone to help them to lead a fulfilling life? A professional caregiver can be made available, no matter whether you need someone full time, or for just a few hours a week. They can help to do household tasks, help with meals, or provide nursing care. Right at Home will work with you to select the perfect, qualified, professional caregiver to make sure that your loved one’s needs are met. Each caregiver is screened and bonded to ensure professionalism. Our unique five-step process will provide just the right fit for your family. Contact us today at 631.352.0022 and ask for a FREE in-home consultation.

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