Senior Safety For the Holidays

The holidays are an eventful time of the year, but there could be safety issues that could ruin it for seniors. There are many things that seniors need to be aware of, whether they are inside their home or out running errands.

Safety Tips for Seniors
Decorating for the holidays may be what you need to put you in the mood. But there is also a downside which is the risk of falling. So be sure that the décor you choose doesn't pose a tripping hazard. For example, decorate simply and don’t crowd the open areas of the room.
Keep your extension cords off the floor and make sure the cord isn't overloaded with too many plugs in it. Move or put away any objects that could cause you to stumble and fall.
Exchange real candles for LED or battery-powered candles to avoid fires. These candles look natural and don't pose a fire hazard. You can still have the candlelit effect but safely.

Other Safety Concerns
Both real and artificial trees can pose a fire hazard. If you are a person who looks forward to a live Christmas tree, make sure it is watered regularly. If you put up an artificial tree, make sure that it's fireproof.
But whichever tree you like to use, keep it a safe distance from fireplaces, heat vents, and stoves. You can also use flame resistance decorations and ornaments as well. Finally, check the lights for cracks, faulty connections, or frayed wires if you use lights on your tree.
For lights off the tree, don't hang them close to flammable surfaces and always unplug them when you go to bed. If you hang lights outside, be sure they have been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories. These lights will have a UL on the label. Also, when hanging outside lights, ask for help.

The Outside
If there is a snowfall or ice storm, make sure to salt the sidewalks often. If you can't shovel your sidewalks, have someone do it for you, so you don't try to do it yourself.
Keep a chair or stool by the entrance of your door, so you can remove your shoes easily. This is especially important if your shoes are muddy or slippery from being outside.

The Shopping Scene
When you go shopping for Christmas gifts, consider making several trips. Shopping for the holidays can be overwhelming for seniors when there’s a lot of people to buy for. So, although it might be tempting to do it all in one trip, spread the shopping out over several days.
You can also begin your holiday shopping early to beat the last-minute rush. You can ask a friend or family to accompany you on your shopping trips. It will give you a social outing and some company. However, more people on the streets and roads can make shopping more dangerous. So, shopping with someone is always a good idea.
If you’re computer savvy or have someone who can help you, order your gifts online. Your packages will arrive at your door, and you won’t have to fight all the holiday crowds.

The Scams
Unfortunately, seniors are a prime target for scam artists, both in-person and online. There may be more email, marketing, or phone call scams during the holidays. Also, be aware of any delivery notification emails with a confirmation of an order that you didn't buy. Or a claim that UPS, FedEx, or the post office has a package waiting for you.
If you open any of these messages, you will download malware or viruses on your computer. The best thing is to just block the sender and delete the email immediately.
Holidays can be a fun time for you if you stay aware of potential dangers and avoid them. If you have any health issues that need to be addressed during and after the holidays, Right at Home is always available for your needs.

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