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Seniors, Family Gatherings and the Uninvited Guest, the Coronavirus

We’re heading into Spring and with the season comes many enjoyable holidays. Easter, Passover, and Mother’s Day are holidays that traditionally involve some sort of family get-together, however, right now the very thought of a gathering can raise uncertainties and fears caused by the Coronavirus.

Seniors and the Opiate Issue

Because a senior may take more medication than any other age group, the likely hood of addiction may be more likely. Watching for signs of addiction in a senior in your family is the best prevention.

Chronic Wound Care

Right At Home Nassau Suffolk offers a number of services that can help you with chronic wound care. Wounds are not always caused by trauma or necessarily large, gaping areas.

Are You Taking Too Much Medication?

Medication can be either overused or misused, and it may not even be the senior’s fault, or it could be the senior's fault from carelessness. Here are some questions to ask when given a new prescription and some of the signs of overmedication.

Helping Your Loved One with Stroke Recovery

Your loved one has had a stroke, but is on the road to recovery. However; the process isn’t easy and recovery can take longer than you think.

Senior client and family

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

February is a month that’s all about matters of the heart. With Right-At-Home’s caregiving services, we can help you concentrate on a heart healthy lifestyle while remaining right at home where you belong!

What is Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a cancer that that begins in the body’s cells; cells that are a part of the immune system. There are generally two main types of lymphoma:

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