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How to Social Distance with Your Senior

Right at Home Nassau Suffolk understands that when you are used to visiting a senior loved one, it can be difficult to maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Right at Home explores why it is important to maintain social distancing and ways you are able to remain connected with your senior while practicing CDC recommended safety precautions.  

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In-Home Healthcare Providers and COVID-19

Right at Home Nassau Suffolk explains how in-home care providers can help maintain a senior's daily routine, and some of the extra precautions in-home care providers have adapted to help prevent a senior from being exposed to COVID-19 while in their homes.  

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Why Should You Wear a Face Mask During the Pandemic?

Right at Home of Nassau Suffolk highlights the need for face masks during a pandemic, along with instructions on how to make a face mask, as well as other helpful tips to help protect yourself and your family from infection.  

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Why Social Distancing is Essential for Seniors

Staying home as much as possible, washing your hands often, and keeping at least six feet away from other people is essential. But what should you be concerned about as a senior during the Coronavirus pandemic?  Right at Home Nassau Suffolk looks at why social distancing is essential in keeping seniors safe.  

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Seniors, Family Gatherings and the Uninvited Guest, the Coronavirus

We’re heading into Spring and with the season comes many enjoyable holidays. Easter, Passover, and Mother’s Day are holidays that traditionally involve some sort of family get-together, however, right now the very thought of a gathering can raise uncertainties and fears caused by the Coronavirus.

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How Achy Joints Affect Seniors | Right at Home Nassau Suffolk

There are many types of pain-related joint conditions that can make your life more difficult. But knowing how to treat it can help lower the pain levels. Some of these conditions are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumathica (PMR) or Temporal Arteritis (TA,) or Fibromyalgia.  If you are having difficulty with joint pain and need assistance with chores and personal care, we here at Right at Home can assist you. 

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When Your Senior Loved One Needs Home Care

The decision to hire a home health companion or aide can be a very stressful one for many families.

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Food Poisoning and Seniors

When a younger person become ill from food poisoning, most will start to feel better within a couple of days or hours, but a senior may become sick longer.

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Natural Disaster Planning and Seniors

Preparing ahead of time for a disaster is essential, especially if you're a senior. This could especially be a problem if you have mobility issues, chronic health issues, or no family or friends close by.

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Challenges with Proper Nutrition in Seniors

What are some age-related changes in seniors which can keep you from eating healthy? What can happen inside your body if you don't eat right?

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Medical Fitness Month

It is Medical Fitness Month and a great time for Right At Home to become a valuable asset in becoming medically fit.

How Hearing Loss Can Contribute to Dementia

People who have poor hearing often think that a decrease in hearing only affects their not being able to understand other people. However, a loss of hearing has an impact that's far greater.

What Will Need to Be Remodeled to Age in Place

The benefits from aging in place are many. You have the dignity and freedom of staying in your own home; plus being able to make your own decisions about daily life. But to do this, you may need to make modifications on your home.

Fun Things to Do for Seniors with Limited Mobility

When you get older, you may have increased mobility issues. It could be from arthritis, or perhaps from being in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t find fun things to do.

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Gardening and Its Benefits for Seniors

Gardening provides many health benefits, and sometimes it’s good to get the hands moving doing something fun and useful.

national cholesterol awareness

Cholesterol Awareness Could Save Your Life

As part of keeping you informed Right At Home is focusing on National Cholesterol Awareness in today’s blog. Understanding what cholesterol is and how you can manage your cholesterol numbers is an important part of healthy aging.

Dehydration in Seniors

During the summer months dehydration in seniors can be a common problem. Right At Home  wants to be sure that your senior loved ones, or yourself as a senior, remain safe over the summer months by staying hydrated.

Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

If you’re a senior, keeping cool in the heat of summer is extremely important. A person who’s a senior has a higher risk when the temperature becomes warmer. Additionally, if you’re a senior, you may have a medical condition which can affect how your body reacts to heat.

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Benefits of Home Delivered Meals for Seniors

One of the worries that concerns family caregivers who don’t live with their senior loved ones that they help is whether or not their loved ones are getting enough to eat.

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Beverages Which are Healthy and Heart-Healthy

For a senior to stay hydrated is extremely important all year through. Drinking fluids which are both healthy and heart-healthy is a smart thing to do.

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Defeat Diabetes Together

If you or a senior you love has been told they are pre-diabetic you need to know that the future doesn’t have to be one of facing diabetes. Our non-medical home care services can help you focus on healthy aging and defeat diabetes this month.

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Caregiver Time Management

As caregiving for your loved one becomes more time consuming, you may find that you’re running out of time to complete everything by day’s end. So, with only 24 hours in a day, you will have to prioritize time and learn to let some things go until the next day. So how do you manage time as a caregiver?

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Concerns Seniors Face Today

As Bette Davis said, “getting old isn’t for sissies” and she was so right. But with planning and foresight, you can be better prepared.

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Checking to See How Your Parents are Really Doing

With the holidays upon us, it may be the time to be a bit sneaky with your parents. Because when you call, they may assure you that they’re doing well and everything’s okay, but is all really well? You can’t see them over the phone after all.

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