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Senior client and family

What to Expect from In-home Care

Caregiving is more than just taking care of the physical needs, but also the emotional and intellectual needs a well.

danger of flu

Dangers of Flu and Seniors

Importantly, by building up senior immune systems by them getting more rest, eating healthy diets, taking vitamins, drinking lots of fluids and helping to manage stress levels can help prevent them from getting the flu. 

mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet in the News

You may have seen many recent news pieces about the Mediterranean diet. International Mediterranean Diet Month is a time when the world is focusing on the positive effects of the lifestyle and diet of the Mediterranean area. Research is now pointing to the fact that this lifestyle & diet may very well help in the battle against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Senior adult

Seniors Living at Home Alone

People are often torn between allowing a senior loved one to age at home & putting them in a full-time senior care facility. Right At Home offers a viable answer to seniors living alone at home, safely.

adult child with senior mother

Checking to See How Your Parents are Really Doing

With the holidays upon us, it may be the time to be a bit sneaky with your parents. Because when you call, they may assure you that they’re doing well and everything’s okay, but is all really well? You can’t see them over the phone after all.

Moving In an Elderly Parent

When a parent needs to move out of a home cherished for years the first thought may be to have your loved one move in with you. While you wouldn’t be alone in this train of thought, there are both benefits and drawbacks to this kind of living arrangement. 

Dementia in the News

As research moves forward we are given hope about the possibilities of dementia being better understood, managed, and even possibly eliminated. We continue to offer dementia care in order to keep your loved one at home for as long as possible.

Xmas Gifts for Seniors

Finding something unique and useful for a senior loved one’s Christmas may just take a little thought.

Therapeutic Fibbing and Dementia Patients

Therapeutic fibbing is when you tell a fib or bend the truth to fit the reality of a person who has dementia. This is done when behavior needs to be encouraged for your loved one’s wellbeing or safety.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

It is possible to keep a loved one at home if they have Alzheimer’s disease. Every case is unique, but having a specially trained caregiver can often make enough of a difference in the level of stress you, as the sole caregiver for your loved one, is faced with to help with keeping them at home.

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