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How to Prevent Wandering

When you’re a caregiver, one of your worries may be about your loved one wandering off. If you turn your back for just a minute, they can walk out the door or get lost in a mall easily. But there are ways to prevent wandering so you can sleep at night. 

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Why a Personal Care Agreement is Important

When an older family member begins to fail in health and starts to need more care, this care is sometimes provided by an adult child. Sometimes that person has to sacrifice a job, benefits, privacy by having the senior family member move in or by having to move in with the family member. When this happens, there should be a formal agreement drawn up called a Personal Care Agreement.

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Caregiving from a Distance

Yes, you can participate as a caregiver from a distance, but helping with the care of a loved one can be a challenge. However, there are options so that you can provide care and support for a loved one and the primary caregiver if your loved one is at the stage where they need help. How can you help?

Fun Things to Do for Seniors with Limited Mobility

When you get older, you may have increased mobility issues. It could be from arthritis, or perhaps from being in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t find fun things to do.

When Your Parent Needs to Downsize

Your mother has decided she wants to downsize from the family home to something smaller and more manageable. She has years’ worth of mementos, family history that’s saved and personal belongings to go through though and has asked for your help. So where do you start?

Chronic Wound Care

Right At Home Nassau Suffolk offers a number of services that can help you with chronic wound care. Wounds are not always caused by trauma or necessarily large, gaping areas.

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Gardening and Its Benefits for Seniors

Gardening provides many health benefits, and sometimes it’s good to get the hands moving doing something fun and useful.

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Cholesterol Awareness Could Save Your Life

As part of keeping you informed Right At Home is focusing on National Cholesterol Awareness in today’s blog. Understanding what cholesterol is and how you can manage your cholesterol numbers is an important part of healthy aging.

Parental Care vs. Inheritance Issues

When a parent’s care becomes more complex, and siblings feel that their inheritances are being threatened, it can get ugly sometimes. A family feud could start when a parent starts becoming less independent and must rely on the family more and more. The situation can cause sibling rivalries to rear their ugly heads. It can tear families apart and cause ill feelings which never heal.

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