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Are You Taking Too Much Medication?

Medication can be either overused or misused, and it may not even be the senior’s fault, or it could be the senior's fault from carelessness. Here are some questions to ask when given a new prescription and some of the signs of overmedication.

Dehydration in Seniors

During the summer months dehydration in seniors can be a common problem. Right At Home  wants to be sure that your senior loved ones, or yourself as a senior, remain safe over the summer months by staying hydrated.

Brain Health & Memory Tips

We specialize in caregiving for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease we like to focus on providing information about brain health and memory.

Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

If you’re a senior, keeping cool in the heat of summer is extremely important. A person who’s a senior has a higher risk when the temperature becomes warmer. Additionally, if you’re a senior, you may have a medical condition which can affect how your body reacts to heat.

Helping Your Loved One with Stroke Recovery

Your loved one has had a stroke, but is on the road to recovery. However; the process isn’t easy and recovery can take longer than you think.

Caregiver with client socializing.

Socializing Alzheimer’s Patients

Utilizing our professional caregivers allows you to fully “socialize” both your loved one and yourself. Before we focus on how to socialize with your loved one it’s important to understand that you, the family caregiver, needs to take time for socialization also.

Senior adult

Father’s Day and Senior Fathers

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right gift for Dad on Father’s Day. It might even be more difficult if your Father is a senior because older people are often giving things away, not adding to them. One thing though that parents always enjoy is time with their children. So, that something that you could give your Father on his special day is your time and love. But where to spend that time?


Safety supervision for seniors and disabled

Taking Away Senior Parents' Car Keys

If you feel that there is a reason which is valid for your parent to stop driving, try to convince your loved one to do it voluntarily. If not, you may have to have his or her doctor declare Dad or Mom too impaired to drive; or take legal steps through the DMV.

Senior adult

Beginning your Life Again When Caregiving Ends

Now it’s time to take care of you. You’ve been taking care of a loved one for so long and now it’s time to turn that love and devotion onto yourself. It’s okay to laugh and enjoy all the things that life brings again then. It’s okay to put your face up to the sun and just soak it in. It’s okay to be you; it’s okay to live again. Your grief and loss doesn’t have to be permanent.

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