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When Your Loved One has Parkinson’s Disease

When people have Parkinson’s disease, it becomes more and more difficult for them to perform daily tasks as the disease progresses. On top of this, the risks from injuries and falls increase as the five stages of Parkinson’s develop. Many individuals who have Parkinson’s can live a productive and long life though, but this depends upon them receiving proper homecare and proper medical treatment. 

Antipsychotic Drugs are Overused for Dementia

Antipsychotic Drugs are Overused for Dementia

When antipsychotic drugs are used to treat a behavior problem with a dementia patient, sometimes they are inappropriately prescribed. There can also be a decrease in the quality of life that a dementia patient experiences if sedated unnecessarily. Sometimes modifying and addressing the environmental causes of the problem should be looked at instead.

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Weighted Blanket Helps Alzheimer's Patients

A weighted blanket is useful for a number of different kinds of people as well as for senior citizens who have no underlying medical condition, but have trouble sleeping. It helps people sleep, feel safe, warm and secure.

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Save Your Vision Month

March is National Save Your Vision Month. The importance of proper eye care and regular check-ups should be in the forefront of our health care priorities. Our caregivers can be a vital part of practicing good eye care habits.

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Helping Children Cope with Alzheimer's

How do you talk to children about a loved one who has Alzheimer’s? Right At Home specializes in caregiving for Alzheimer’s. Help us remove the fears between children and Alzheimer’s

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Family history affects chances of getting Alzheimers

If you have Alzheimer’s in your family’s medical history, does that mean that you are likely to get Alzheimer’s if one of your parents has had it?

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Caregiver Time Management

As caregiving for your loved one becomes more time consuming, you may find that you’re running out of time to complete everything by day’s end. So, with only 24 hours in a day, you will have to prioritize time and learn to let some things go until the next day. So how do you manage time as a caregiver?

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Dealing with Dementia Denial

You realize that your father is slowly forgetting even his most precious memories. However, you tell yourself that it’s just normal for his age, and he’s really alright even though you know deep down inside that he really isn’t. This is a form of “dementia denial” where you can’t accept that your loved one has a form of dementia. 

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Concerns Seniors Face Today

As Bette Davis said, “getting old isn’t for sissies” and she was so right. But with planning and foresight, you can be better prepared.

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Heart Healthy Lifestyle

February is a month that’s all about matters of the heart. With Right-At-Home’s caregiving services, we can help you concentrate on a heart healthy lifestyle while remaining right at home where you belong!

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