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Published By Brandon Pappas on February 15, 2016

Right at Home, an international in-home care franchise, has established itself as one of the fastest-growing leaders in the high-demand senior care segment. On top of four impressive years of franchise sales growth accounting for 289 territories signed since 2012, Right at Home has recently surpassed an important franchise milestone—the opening of its 500th global territory.

"Right at Home franchisees are making it possible for the elderly across the world to age with dignity within the comfortable surroundings of their own home," said Brian Petranick, CEO and president of Right at Home. "Our company places a strong emphasis on culture and developing the incredible community of dedicated franchisees in our system, and we are proud to celebrate the newest addition to our family with this important milestone."

With the help of its franchisees across 45 states in the U.S., and in seven countries throughout the world, 2015 has been another year of rapid growth for Right at Home. Franchisee revenue growth has been thriving, as Right at Home's franchisees continue to expand their businesses to keep up with the significant demand for in-home care. The average number of people turning 65 each day currently hovers around 10,000, meaning that the amount of caregivers needed to care for this increasing demographic continues to increase worldwide.

"Finding care for the elderly continues to be an increasing issue across the globe, which is why Right at Home has continued to see growth internationally, as well as in the United States," said Blake Martin, chief operating officer of Right at Home International. "With 63 operating offices outside of the United States, we are proud to be able to take our proven systems into different cultures to help the aging populations in Australia, Asia, Europe and The Americas."

The impressive momentum doesn't stop there. Right at Home reports that there are nearly 114 franchisees who currently own more than one territory, a clear indicator that the company's perfected business model holds great appeal and promise for business owners. According to chief development officer Eric Little, this is the third year in a row that Right at Home has surpassed its goal for franchise sales.

"We're excited to celebrate our successes over the past three years while we keep an eye on the future. We hope to ride the wave of this incredible momentum as we continue to execute Right at Home's strategic plan," Little said.

Husband-and-wife team John and Cendra Flessner are excited to join Right at Home's successful franchise system as the owners of the 500th territory in Kansas City. The new franchisees' territory includes the Kansas City VA Medical Center and the owners hope to rally other Right at Home franchisees in the area to volunteer for the hospital's activities.

"My father passed away six years ago from Alzheimer's, which was the primary reason that I decided to become a Right at Home franchisee," said John Flessner. "For 17 years, I did contract and legal work, and it was time for a change. I'm able to be part of the community now and provide a service that positively influences people rather than sit behind a desk reading contracts."

The 500-unit strong network plans to continue its growth with the right franchisees joining the system for the right reasons. The Success with Significance® initiative, which focuses on finding franchisees who not only want personal success, but also enrichment of their communities, has become a central focus in Right at Home's philanthropic philosophy, and the brand has been proud to welcome franchisees who fully embody the principles of this mission.

"By embracing innovation and a collaborative spirit, Right at Home plans to continue expanding its 500-strong franchise network into more communities across the world," said Petranick. "Our passion for community improvement and elderly support will help bring care to our ever-increasing customer base, and we appreciate having the privilege to make a difference in our clients' lives."

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