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Marie Hargain
Published By Brooke Shigley on May 08, 2016

Right at Home, Inc.’s 2016 National Caregiver of the Year is Marie Hargain of Brick, N.J. Right at Home Franchisees Nick and Darlene Bosco nominated Hargain for the prestigious award, who has been a caregiver with Right at Home since November 2007.

Hargain started at Right at Home of Ocean County as a part-time Certified Home Health Aide and within a year worked her way up to a full-time position. Currently, she is a Senior Staff Aide, a position she has held for more than five years.

Hargain devotes herself to her clients and provides the best care possible for them. She is immediately able to assess her clients’ care needs and involves office staff if those needs are not being met. Hargain has an ability to bond with clients and adapts her way of caring to their ever-changing needs.

Hargain’s caregiving skills and compassion have a positive impact on every client. When a client is admitted to a local facility, she will find personal time to cheer them up with a visit. She often brings treats to her clients on their birthdays or just to lift their spirits.

Hargain’s soft and reassuring voice has been known to calm even the most agitated client during the most trying circumstances. In fact, there have been many times Right at Home has sent her to a home to observe a reported issue and demonstrate the best solution to the aide on the case. Hargain’s superior skills are a great asset to the business, as new and inexperienced aides have been able to shadow her and learn the proper way to care for clients.

Hargain’s ability to lead and instruct inexperienced aides sets an example, as they can learn from her and aspire to be the best aides possible. She is trained and approved to work with a Medicare-contracted agency and has a wonderful rapport with their nurses and staff. Many of Hargain’s Medicare clients have signed on privately due to the positive experience she has provided. Hargain also provides hospice care through Medicare and privately with Right at Home where she is known for her compassion and respect as she comforts those in need.

Hargain is fluent in Spanish and has helped Spanish-speaking aides with training and in-services, and she has assisted potential employees through the employment process. If a caregiver is unable to begin their shift or a new client needs to start service immediately, Hargain is the one to volunteer. During numerous snowstorms last winter, she did her best to reach out to her clients, and if safety permitted, care for her clients and fill in for aides who were still snowed in. It is this attitude of putting others before herself that makes Hargain a valuable member of Right at Home.

The Boscos were thrilled upon learning that Hargain had been named the National Caregiver of the Year. “Marie is the dream caregiver,” said Darlene Bosco. Nick Bosco added, “She is the perfect example of what a caregiver is." 

Hargain’s attention to detail, experience, gentleness and dependability are just some of the reasons why she is Right at Home’s 2016 National Caregiver of the Year. A client’s daughter summed it up best, “We are so blessed to have Marie. She is one in a million. I hope Right at Home knows what a gem they have. We sure do.”

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