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Published By Right at Home on June 21, 2019

In a Home Health Care News article published June 19, Brian Petranick, Right at Home’s CEO and President, talked about why home care is impacting the healthcare industry during a panel discussion at the Healthcare Innovation and Investment Conference in Chicago this week:

“People are starting to realize that with more care moving into the home environment, there is one group of people that really understands the dynamics of aging in the home — and that’s the people in our space,” says Petranick. “If you think about a typical home health transaction, it’s an event-based transaction. Something happens with a client, home health comes in to take care of them for a short period [of time]. They plug in and out of clients’ lives over the course of many, many years. Home care, we’re there often before Medicare-certified home health comes in — and we’re there after."

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