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Pet Therapy for Seniors

Having animals around can benefit seniors in a whole host of ways. For instance, walking a dog is obviously good exercise. Feeding, brushing, and caring for a pet can also help a senior feel needed and purposeful. Plus, the total acceptance and unconditional love that animals give can go a long way toward lowering people's stress levels and helping shift their focus away from their own problems. Indeed, animal-assisted therapy is becoming increasingly widespread.

Considering Age-Restricted Adult Communities

Today's 55+ communities offer more advantages to active adults and seniors than ever before. They are also easy to find. In fact, chances are good that you currently live near an age-qualified retirement living community. But, even if you don't, it's fun to contemplate the many exciting locations and lifestyle opportunities that such communities are known for. They frequently offer a no-fuss style of living that's ideal for vital adults who want to keep experiencing some of life's greatest joys.

Walkers for Seniors: A Better Way to Look at This Independence Device

Acknowledging and accepting that you need the assistance that a walker provides isn't always easy. It helps to change your thinking about a walker from a sign of getting older or of a disability to a tool that allows you to maintain independence and a sense of security. A walker can make the difference between sitting at home being sedentary and getting out and engaging in your favorite activities.

Epigenetics: Why Your Genes Don’t Necessarily Predict Your Future

Scientists used to think genes determined your future. They were hardwired and immutable, so if you had less-than-optimal parentage, too bad. Nothing you can do, so get over it. An emerging field of medicine disputes this claim. Called Epigenetics, this school of thought turns the past on its head.

Five Considerations Before Buying A Hearing Aid

Hearing difficulties and the aids available to help seniors are many, complex, and often quite expensive. Read here for five considerations before buying a hearing aid.

Practicing Self-Care During A Pandemic

How do you practice 'self-care' during these trying times. Whether working or retired, living alone, with a spouse or in a senior living community, everyone has routines. During the pandemic, keeping those routines is particularly important. Solid, healthful routines should include regular meals, physical and mental exercise, contact with friends and family, and working if that is part of your life.

Counting Sheep? Insomnia, Exercise, and Longevity

Insomnia and other sleep disorders seem to increase as we age, often decreasing quality of life and cognitive function. There are key activities seniors can do to help keep more normal sleep habits, including regular exercise.

Heart Healthy Tips for Senior Nutritional Needs

Studies show that we tend to cut back on eating as we age, though clearly every individual has a different appetite, body type, metabolism, nutritional needs and health challenges. The best advice for maintaining cardiovascular health is to get plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet.

Keeping Your Balance

As we grow older, falls become more concerning. It's important to be aware of the factors that can effect a senior's balance, and ways to mitigate the dangers.

VIDEO: The Importance of Estate Planning for Seniors

In this educational video, Larry Parman with Parman and Easterday talks about the importance of estate planning, who needs to do it, and when to have it done. It is a vital part of senior life planning that's too often overlooked.