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Portrait of female caregiver Portrait of female caregiver

Our Caregivers Exemplify Compassion and Kindness

Caregiver Testimonial from Kiley SRight at Home Norman's purpose is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We succeed through teamwork and having the best caregivers in the industry. Their professionalism, training, compassion and commitment to our clients and our clients' loved ones is unparalleled and we appreciate all they do. Every year, every month, every day we appreciate our outstanding Caregivers who are going above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our clients in Norman and surrounding communities. Read about some of our outstanding teammates. Who knows, maybe a career as a caregiver is right for you!

You're vital to our team's success. The professional and nurturing care you give makes seniors' lives better every day.

"You Are What Makes Our Mission Possible"

Caregiver Spotlight – Krisen U.

Caregiver Spotlight Kristan Unger head and shoulders pose smiling at the camera

In the spirit of International Nurse’s week we want to highlight a special caregiver Kristan U.! She has been employed with Right at Home for almost 4 years and holds her CNA, CMA and currently in school to obtain her LPN.

Kristan is one of our most highly complimented and highly requested employees. Family members often express their gratitude for her help with daily tasks, patience for loved ones and organization skills. Kristan observes what needs to be done and jumps right in, focusing on dignity and independence when possible for the client. Additionally she goes above and beyond in her communication with client family members and office staff.

Kristen decided to work in a nursing home a while back, just because she needed a job, but quickly fell in love with it. For her, elder care is unique because “the stories and wisdom this population has. You learn to care on a whole different level.”

But while at the facility, Kristen felt like she needed to make a change because she couldn’t just sit down and talk with each client. “I wanted to make a move where I could spend a whole shift caring for one client.” Right at Home “let me get to know each of my clients better & in the end, made the quality of care better.” Being a student, Kristen appreciates the flexibility Right at Home has given her with scheduling. “The office staff has been the most welcoming and helpful people I’ve ever had in a place of work.”

When asked what she enjoys most about caregiving, Kristen responded with, “Caregiving gave me a purpose. I let my clients cry on my shoulder, talk to me about anything, listen to their worries, their stories, laugh together, get to know their family. I was there to make their life just a little bit easier & enjoyable while I, myself, enjoy doing that for them.”

When she isn’t working hard on her LPN or making plans for the future as a BSN or DSN, Kristen enjoys going to the gym, hanging with her fur babies and cooking. When asked if she had anything else to share Kristen responded with, “One last thing, listen to what the elderly have to say; their wisdom is a lesson for you.”

Caregiver Spotlight – Jackie B.

“Absolutely fabulous!” “Knowledgeable” “Easy to talk to.” “Just a special person!” This is just a sample of the positive feedback we have received about caregiver Jackie Barrows since she started employment with Right at Home in September of 2022. Jackie obtained her LPN license in 1992, however she often works at the CNA/HHA level, taking initiative to help the most vulnerable people in our care. She feels satisfied knowing she made someone’s day a little bit easier. Her favorite part about being a caregiver is the personal bonds she makes with her clients. “By being a helping hand it gives me a feeling of fulfillment and self gratitude. Seeing a smile on a clients face when I enter the room makes it all worth it.”

Jackie never hesitates to step in and help out with extra hours for clients that may have missed care visits on top of her full time hours with her regular clients. When asked what drew her to Right at Home, Jackie responds, “I knew as soon as I interviewed with Right at Home that this was the company I wanted to work for. They welcomed me and continue to make me feel appreciated!”

Jackie is often requested by name by clients who remember her caring heart and willingness to help. When asked about her favorite client story, she said, “There is no favorite story but it brings a SATISFACTION and happiness to me when clients continue to request me by name to be their caregiver. It makes me feel as though I have really made an impact on their lives.”

On top of all these rave reviews from clients, Jackie has a stellar attendance record and constantly impresses office staff with her reliability and communication. This allows her client’s family members to have peace of mind knowing their family member (s) are cared for while they are at work or special events. She knows how important her role is and even given the sometimes difficult nature of her position, Jackie remains cheerful and optimistic. In her free time Jackie enjoys spending time with family, fishing, camping and shopping.

Caregiver Spotlight Head-n-Shoulders Photo of Jackie Barrows 2024

Caregiver Spotlight – Johnzetta F.

Johnzetta has been caregiving for 18 years and working for Right at Home for about 9 months! In her short time with us, she has received an abundance of client praise, including compliments on her cooking skills, nurturing personality and taking initiative.

Johnzetta’s mother “loved assisting the elderly in our community. She would always send her children to empty their trash or dump their snuff cans.” This inspired Johnzetta to pursue caregiving as a career and she also enjoys talking to them and hearing their fascinating stories. Johnzetta tells great stories herself and really enjoys interacting with clients and ensuring that they are able to maintain a semblance of their past.

When asked why she chose to work for Right at Home, Johnzetta said, “I recently moved back to Oklahoma and was looking for a job that would enable me to help people in their homes.” Johnzetta has a heart for assisting clients that aren’t able to help themselves any longer. Anyone who talks with Johnzetta knows she has a lot of empathy for our clients and their varying backgrounds and situations. This is probably partly inspired by her own journey of taking care of her sister who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Office staff praise Johnzetta’s willingness to always help out, work ethic, noticing changes with clients and reporting to the Nurse quickly. We are so thankful to have Johnzetta on our caregiving team!

Caregiver Spotlight Head-n-Shoulders Photo of Johnzetta Vaden Frazier 2024

Caregiver Spotlight – Richard B.

Richard has worked with Right at Home since June 2023. Upon meeting Richard, you are immediately impressed with his bubbly, cheerful disposition. He puts clients at ease and is trustworthy, open and honest. Many office staff members comment on his communication skills. Our clinical team gives him props for keeping an open dialogue regarding his clients and any changes noted in condition, which has led to critical interventions performed sooner rather than later.

Richard is often the first to volunteer to work additional or overnight hours for his regular clients to ensure they have reliability and coverage, even rearranging his schedule at another job to accommodate clients. Richard is very goal oriented and takes feedback in stride, constantly checking with the office on how he can do better for his clients.

When asked why he decided to become a caregiver, Richard responded: “Because I wanted to give back to God. I felt like I would have a wonderful connection working with the elderly and learn from their wisdom”. Richard expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work for Right at Home and became a CNA to pursue this position where he could help those who are generally overlooked.

In his free time, Richard spends time with his family and enjoys playing video games.

Right at Home is proud to have caregivers like Richard on our team!

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Caregiver Spotlight – Jamie F.

Jamie F. has been working for Right at Home Edmond, Norman, and Stillwater since Sept 2023. When asked about why she decided to become a caregiver, Jaime shared “After the last 10 years, in which I had the honor of taking care of both my autistic daughter and father, I came to see caregiving as a calling and it showed me my potential. My father, who was deaf and had a stroke, was a Navy Vietnam Vet and trained EMT’s. He had medical injuries that required plates in his back, neck and wrist, which severely limited him. My dad asked me, ‘Why don’t you do this as a job? You are nurturing, understanding and firm. You take such good care of me, you should do this for others. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what I would do.’ He gave me the confidence to try.”

Jaime feels that caregiving gives her a sense of purpose; her natural tendencies show that this is a calling and she naturally steps in when she see’s those in need. “I enjoy giving people support, being that rock for them, letting them vent, anticipating their needs.” Jaime saw a commercial for Right at Home when she was a teenager and felt a “pull” towards the company. “I want to give those in the community the highest level of care like I would my family.”

When Jaime reflects on her time with Right at Home, one story sticks out. “I was working with a hospice client. I calmed the daughter, helping her through a pain-filled time. The next morning, she said, “You are an angel, I appreciate you. You have truly given me peace and I hope that I can share that with my family.” This helped me know that I can help everyone find healing and respect. It touched my heart and helped me know I found my place in the world.

In her free time Jaime likes to cook, watch cartoon series and movies, hanging out with her kid, letting her vent; friends like to get her advice and understanding, being a sounding board for them; journaling (has a leather bound journal), writing, painting. Favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She has a background in behavioral science and psychology (at one point wanted to be a therapist). Passionate about animals and has a Pitbull named Lily that she rescued off the street and cat that she bottle fed named Konig (means King in German).

Right at Home is so appreciative of Jaime and all our caregivers who take care of our clients day to day. We are proud to have Jaime on our team in Norman, Edmond and Stillwater.

Right at Home Edmond Caregiver Spotlight Head and Shoulder Photo of Caregiver Jaime Farrow   Right at Home Edmond Caregiver Spotlight Head and Shoulder Photo of Caregiver Jaime Farrow and Her Pet Cat

Celebrating Our Compassionate and Professional Caregivers

Our recent "Professional Caregiver Appreciation Week" was a big success! We love our caregivers and would not be able to take care of our wonderful clients without our Care Team's dedication!

Caregiver Standing in Front of Window Full of Handwritten Hearts During Caregiver Appreciation Week
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Two Women Posing Side-by-Side During Caregiver Appreciation Week
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Looking for More Fantastic Caregivers to Join Our Team

This week Right at Home's Sharon Burnett and Bethany Andrews attended the Moore-Norman Technology Center's Job Fair. Student's from five OKC area Vo-tech schools participated. Right at Home is proud to partner with Moore-Norman Technology Center and hire highly qualified and trained professionals! We also made great connections with other area agencies and businesses.

Female Right at Home Staff Member Sitting at a Job Fair Display Table
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Caregiver Spotlight on Janice!

Congratulations to caregiver Janice

Janice has been with Right at Home Edmond, Norman, and Stillwater since 2021 and her profile is brimming with compliments. She is a highly requested caregiver for clients who want to get out and do activities or errands and clients who are on hospice.

Before working for Right at Home, Janice had previously helped her own elderly family members, after watching them lose some abilities, she wanted to help “give their dignity back”. She knew there were community members who needed help, she just had to find the right place to work.

Janice favorite story with a Right at Home client is one who initially refused her at the door. After a family member helped with the introduction the client started opening up as Janice helped with housekeeping and feeding pets, even though the client kept trying to refuse care. At the end of the shift, the client wanted to make sure she came back “because we talk about the soap operas”. Janice enjoys, “Being able to give my clients the opportunities to laugh and talk about things that they are still passionate about. That puts a smile and joy back in their life.”

Between shifts with Right at Home Janice is a school crossing guard and has found that some of those same skills transfer between her positions. She also enjoys reading and watching sports, including football, softball and track and field!

The staff at Right at Home Edmond and Norman are so grateful for Janice. She is reliable, a team player and willing to go out of her way to help those in need. Because of caregivers like Janice we are able to continue our mission of “Improving the Lives of those we serve!”