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Improving Patient Well-Being After a Hospitalization

Transition Care, helping senior client stand with walker after surgery

There is no place like home and we realize that. By utilizing Right at Home's Care Transitions program, your loved one will be safe at home recuperating from their hospital stay while putting your mind at ease.

RightTransitions Focuses On Recovery

When recovery at home is the focus, Right at Home is the answer to managing follow-up appointments, proper nutrition, medication reminders and more.

RightTransitions Supports Patient Outcomes and Improves Discharge Processes

Upon discharge, most patients are left without a plan. Don't be. Call and speak to the professionals at Right at Home well before discharge. Waiting until the last moment to start planning is not a plan. By contacting Right at Home you will already be many steps ahead of your needs, thus setting you up for success transitioning into the home. Planning and professional support offer you and your loved one peace of mind getting the best possible patient outcome.

RightTransitions for Families

If you or a family member is facing a hospital stay, you don’t have to do it alone. Right at Home Norman, OK has collected information and resources to prepare you for recovery at home.

Information for Families

RightTransitions for Professionals

If your organization is affected by readmissions, learn how RightTransitions by Right at Home Norman, OK can help you improve patient outcomes.

Information for Professionals

Care Transition FAQs What Are Care Transitions?

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