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Caregiver and client walking down the sidewalk. Caregiver and client walking down the sidewalk.

Hear From Our Caregivers


We do Love our Caregivers, and you want to work for an agency where caregivers just like you love to work. We’re the right place for you. We have one of the lowest caregiver turnover rates in the industry. Our care team stays with us because we keep them working, pay them fairly (on time…), and we treat them with the appreciation they deserve for the amazing care they provide. We know many agencies tell you they’re a great place to work, but we want you to see what our caregivers say about working with us.

Employer of Choice


Our Caregivers

“I home-school my daughter, so they've been flexible and accommodating with my hours. They've placed confidence in me. I get constant encouragement from them. Those things are important to me.” – Caregiver of 6 years
“I like that they actually appreciate their staff and they encourage us. When you know that you are appreciated, you want to do more. They give you as many hours that you want to work. They understand if you need some time off.” – Caregiver of 6 years
“I like the way they are flexible. We are like family. They listen to us. They are very kind to me and help me. They don't force the schedule on you, and they understand your situation. They think about that I am single now with a child, my experience, and my time. They always give you a heads up before you go to a client. They ask you and work with you.” – Caregiver of 5 years

“I like that they are really good at providing clients during my available time. have never had any clients that were not a good fit. I like that they like that I help them. I wanted to work for a company that cares for the employees and Right at Home does.” – Caregiver of 6 years
“I love the staff. They make sure I get my hours. They care and offer incentives for doing stuff.” – Caregiver of 5 years
“I like the way they take care of their business, and they are professional. They take good care of their employees.” – Caregiver of 2 years

“I chose them because I was looking for a part-time job for extra income and a friend of mine told me to apply. They work around my schedule. I get to have the hours I can work. They give out incentives if we work overtime. They pay for us for our mileage.” – Caregiver of 2 years
"They are good at sending messages to say that they appreciate me. When a client says something good about me, they pass it on. There is a lot of communication.” – Caregiver of 2 years
“They do know how to talk to their employees and they give us respect. They don't send me anywhere I don't want to go.” – Caregiver of 5 years

The Importance of Matching the Client and Caregiver

Right at Home North Atlanta was able to help match a client with a caregiver who liked to cook. Owner Susan Brown tells the story of how they were able to make a difference. Matching the client and caregiver is such an important part of our process.

We Offer Excellent Benefits and Incentives to Our Care Team

  • Competitive Pay
  • Weekly Pay
  • Referral Bonus
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • 401K
  • Direct Deposit
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Continued Training
  • Ongoing Education
  • 24/7 Caregiver Support
  • Amazing Office Culture
  • Weekly Orientations
  • Christmas bonus
  • Our office is awesome!

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