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PTSD — Post Traumatic Stress and Aging Seniors

PTSD is a mental problem that can take a serious toll on an individual’s physical health and wellbeing as well as their state of mind. Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen to people of all ages and can manifest more frequently in aging adults. The prevalence of PTSD in individuals over 60 years of age ranges from 1.5 to 4%. The percentage of those over 60 who exhibit symptoms but may not meet full diagnostic criteria are as high as 15%.

Respite Care for the Soul

It is refer to as, “a break,” because it’s a chance to care for yourself instead of a loved one who depends on you for nearly every aspect of their life.

A Blurry Eye Opening

He had heard the word, “Alzheimer’s,” but never thought twice about the cognitive decline. He’s a young man, his memories are fresh, and no one in his life has been affected.

Onset Indications of Dementia-related Diseases Can Vary

Many American adults are familiar with the signs for which to watch when visiting elderly loved ones, but what they may not realize is that the onset indications of a dementia-related varies from individual to individual.

Senior Depression

Loneliness…It's Deadly

There are so many more “seniors”. How can we be so alone in such a crowd? According to the US Census Bureau 11 million seniors – that is 28% of all those 65 and older - live alone.

Caring for a Loved One With Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia

To provide more extensive support to people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia, Right at Home partnered with a leading dementia expert, Jackie Pool, to develop a proprietary Cognitive Support Program.

Frigid Weather Prep for Seniors Living in West Virginia

Although a few weeks of the summer season officially remains, those of us who have lived long-term in central and northern West Virginia are quite aware how quickly the weather can change in the region.

My Turn

I laid as a newborn in a Pittsburgh orphanage abandoned by those meant to love me most and cared for by nuns of the Catholic Charities organization.

Elder Abuse Addressed

Throughout the state of West Virginia this summer, more than 40 members of seven Elder Abuse councils are examining how our senior citizens are victimized by everyone from family members to perpetrators from other countries.

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