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2018 Regional Caregiver of the Year: Jacquelyn

"The award is very special to me and my entire organization. What this means to our business is that it sends such a clear message on the profound difference that caregivers make on impacting the quality of life. It feels so great to see one of our care team members be nationally recognized for their efforts. It is so important to take the time to recognize very special individuals who have gigantic hearts, compassion and patience." - Harley Cohen, owner

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Harley and JackieCharacter: How would you describe this caregiver to others?

What has this caregiver done to deserve such an honor? What character traits does this caregiver have that makes them the best of the best? Jacqueline is the definition of dependable, determined, trustworthy, committed, adaptable and compassionate. Since day one of providing care, she has always taken excellent care of others; treating them with respect and dignity. It has never been about the pay for Jackie. She understands that some-day she will be in the same place as our clients and would want to be treated with the same level of compassion.

Client Impact: How has this caregiver positively impacted the lives of clients and their loved ones? How does this caregiver selflessly serve clients and improve their quality of life? What have clients and their loved ones said about this caregiver?

Jacquelyn has been successful with the most challenging cases we have given her. She never quits; she can adapt to any challenging situation. The family she is currently caring for has commended her numerous times for her ability to endure both of their aging parents who require a level of patience and finesse that can only be learned through her unique expertise.

Brand Ambassador: How has this caregiver demonstrated their commitment to Right at Home? What has this caregiver said or done to tell others that they are proud to be a caregiver for Right at Home? What community events or causes does this caregiver support?

Jacquelyn has done volunteer work with the Alzheimer's Association by participating in the Alzheimer's walk. She has done volunteer work with group homes; playing bingo with the residents on her own time. She has volunteered to feed the homeless.

Team Spirit: How does this caregiver interact with their peers, the office staff, and the Franchisee? How has this caregiver influenced others to work as a team? What has this caregiver done to exhibit an “others before self” attitude?

Jackie has been taking care of clients for over 27 years. Her experience is so vast. She has worked with skilled nursing, rehabs, psych wards, ICU, hospice, memory care and of course, home care. She is the care giver we can call to fill in at any client due to her expansive knowledge. No matter the hour or the time of day, or how busy her schedule may already be, Jackie has always made it her mission to put others before herself. Time after time, she has picked up a shift or been available for an urgent client need when no one else was available.

Professional Development: How has this caregiver taken the initiative to further their caregiving knowledge? What additional learning opportunities has this caregiver sought out in order to be the best? How committed has this caregiver been to complete all required and elective training?

Jackie never quits; she can adapt to any challenging situation. When assuming care for a new client, she always comes in open and willing to learn how to provide exceptional care to each individual client’s needs. She has been 100% committed to learning whatever is necessary to get the job done. She maintains her personal education as a CNA and it is apparent through her work that she keeps her skills sharp.

Right at Home North Dallas Team

2017 Nominee

Chiqueta Thornton: Right at Home’s Caregiver of the Year Nominee at the Adult Protective Services luncheon that was held on November 3rd at the Edgemere Retirement Community.

Next to her is Carol Franzen and Right at Home North Dallas Owner Harley Cohen.

Chiqueta Thornton

The stars of our event are caregivers who provided exceptional care and service to an adult or adults who are elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable. Through a community-based nomination process, caregivers will be chosen to receive an award in one of three service areas: Professional In-Home Caregiver, Professional Facility-Based Caregiver and Family Caregiver.

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