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Harley Cohen, Owner

Harley CohenRight at Home of North Dallas is locally owned by Harley Cohen. He is a Certified Senior Adviser and brings over 20 years of business experience in the airline, technology, and financial sectors, mostly in business development, operational, and customer service roles.

He is Vice President on the Board of the Dallas Area Gerontological Society(DAGS) and is serving as President for the ECHAD Board, low-income, senior housing subsidized by HUD.

Harley is married with one son and has resided in the Dallas area for 25 years. His primary hobbies include spending time with family, running, and listening to music.

"Now, I can see looking back that this gave my mother and aunt peace of mind knowing that their mother would be safe."

-Harley Cohen, Owner

In 2005, Harley knew he wanted to own his home care business so his entrepreneurship could continue in a meaningful way. When he was growing up, his grandmother had caregivers who stayed with her in the town-home where she lived. He remembers the names of her caregivers, 30 years later, who enabled his grandmother to stay independent in her home.

Based on his research, it was clear that owning a franchise would increase his probabilities of success by having deep expertise at his fingertips any time. He researched several different home care organizations/franchisors and felt,"more right at home with Right at Home."  Harley started his home care organization in early 2006.

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