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"My name is Valenda R.S. I am a daughter of William T.R. in Frankston, Texas. I manage home care for my dad, and engaged Right at Home to help with his care last year.

I am writing to you today to let you know how pleased we are with the operations of the Tyler and Longview offices of Right at Home, and specifically our new Care Manager, Willa Nipp.

I live in Capitola, California, and as you can imagine, my distance from my dad can cause a lot of stress and anxiety since I am responsible for managing his home care. Changes in personnel, both at the management level as well as the caregivers themselves, can exacerbate the stress. In addition to Willa, I have worked with Steven Duran, Kristy Duffie, and Vicki Barrera, as well Larae Franks, who I understand is no longer with the company. Each of these individuals has been responsive, respectful, open and welcoming, understanding of my role and distance, and eager to work to with us. Vicki tells me that you are the person I should contact with my comments about Willa, and I would like to include the others so that they, too, are recognized for their dedication and performance.

We recently acquired Willa as our Care Manager, and she has gone above and beyond in establishing a solid working relationship with my mother as well as myself. She has experienced the challenge of finding new caregivers, and is diligent in assessing the capabilities of the caregiver with the requirements of the situation. She facilitates an introduction before the first shift with a new caregiver, and specifically with a new night-shifter so that my mother is comfortable enough to be able to sleep during those night shifts. She is compassionate and offers her knowledge and experience to help my mother deal with my dad’s declining health issues. She takes responsibility for providing the appropriate level of caregiver.

Kristy was the original Care Manager that I worked with to engage with Right at Home, and she stepped back into the account when LaRae left. She gave me confidence that even though LaRae was gone, she would make sure that everything was covered. She has always stood by her word!

Steven was my initial contact, and the reason we engaged. He made sure that those first shifts were covered and I wasn’t left without anyone to help care for my dad.

Vicki makes sure the billing runs smoothly, and has been a consistent contact throughout. She is always willing and able to answer my questions.

Thank you for reading this note, and I hope that you can find a way to recognize these folks in some way. It is because of them that I will highly recommend Right at Home whenever I have the opportunity!

PS – Randy, Thank you for all you do and have done to make our experience with Right at Home the right choice!!! Your leadership is reflected in your people."

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