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Tina Smith, LVN - Area Manager

Tina SmithJob description: Longview Area Manager is responsible to manage all activities out of the Longview office including compliance to all local, state and federal regulations, client/family experiences and providing Caregivers a great place to work.

About me: I am single Mother of three beautiful daughters, and two precious grand babies. I am a Christian. I enjoy helping others and I love being with my family and friends. I enjoy going places. I like to talk and tell stories.

Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors, water and snow skiing, fishing and hunting and I enjoy reading.

Experience: I worked as a Manager in Retail. I have worked in the medical field for the past 29 years. I have worked in the Hospital, Clinic Nurse, Case Management, and Home Health.

Education: I graduated from High School at Longview High School. I have a Cosmetology License. I Went to Kilgore College took classes for Photography, EMT, Private Pilot Ground School and Nursing.

Vicki Barrera - Alternate Administrator, Executive Assistant, Bookkeeper

Vickie BarreraJob description: The Alternate Administrator/ Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper is responsible for payroll functions, billing, Accounts Payable, statistical data and generating audits.

About me: I have been married for 21 years. I have 2 kids, one boy and one girl. I have worked with our student ministry for the past 13 years. God and my family come first.

Hobbies: Horses, Reading, Cooking, hanging out with my family.  

Experience: I have worked with RAH since 9-7-2011. I love working with the Seniors and hearing their life stories. Makes my heart happy.


Steven Duran - Vice President

Steven DuranJob description: The Vice President of Right Care is over the recruitment of Caregivers and producing sales through the inside sales team.

Hobbies: On my spare time I enjoy working on classic cars, discovering new restaurants, cooking, reading, and working on my house.

Experience: Worked in the DME (durable medical equipment) industry for a period of 10 years, 6 of which were in management. Owned and operated an online business for 4 years, specializing in Cadillac parts and literature sales.  Assistant Manager of a traditional New Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe for my first 3 years in the workforce.



Michelle Cannon - Director of Caregiver & Client Satisfaction

MIchelle CannonJob description: The Director of Caregiver & Client Satisfaction role is to drive a high level of engagement and service for our Caregivers and Clients

About me: I am wife of 20 years to my very best friend and mom to 3 amazing teenagers (2 biological and 1 chosen—all of whom have my heart!) who bring life and laughs to our home. I have lived in Costa Rica for the last 10 years, where we started and served in a ministry to the government adolescent orphanages. I have a heart for the broken, the vulnerable, and the fatherless that is driven by my love of Jesus Christ and Him alone.

Hobbies: I am as right-brained as they come, so I love all things creative, colorful, and full of life! I appreciate unique art, design, and fun fabrics.  I enjoy taking old things and creating something new. I love playing games with my family and hanging out with our three dogs (a chocolate lab, yorkie, and golden doodle). I also think I have missed my calling as the ultimate bargain shopper! 

Why I love my job: I have walked through the difficult process of aging grandparents and the toll it took on my own parents. I watched them give everything they could to the well-being of their parents, but never feeling like they could do enough. It was not until they found caregivers that my grandparents were able to live as independently as possible. I love being a part of a company whose sole purpose is to provide loving care and assistance to those who desperately need it.

Matt Blocker - Director of Corporate Services

Matt BlockerJob description: The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for overall management of the local office to assure that the office follows all applicable laws, regulations and company policies. Evaluates and manages On Call and administrative support.

About me: I have a lovely wife that I have been married for almost two years. I have a passionate for real estate investing which I have been into for four years. I’m very involved in my church where I serve as the Deacon of Finance.  I love Jesus and enjoy life with Him.

Hobbies: Big sport fan, Go Cowboys! I enjoy traveling with my wife. I always have a great time playing any sport out there. I also enjoy strategies games of any kind.

Experience: Worked at Target as an Executive Team Lead over Guest Experience, Remodel and Asset Protection for almost four years. Management intern/Sales Associate at Sherwin Williams for 3 years and HR intern at Brookshire’s.

Chanah Osborne, Tyler Care Manager

Chanah Osborne

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