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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

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"To Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve" As a mission-driven organization, Right at Home Grayslake is passionate about serving our clients, our caregivers, and our community. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service, and firmly believe that our exceptional caregivers are the best in the industry. Our highly selective hiring process is only the beginning for members of our care team, with individual mentoring, intensive monthly training opportunities, and robust benefits and advancement opportunities. This level of professionalism shows in the high quality, individualized care we provide our clients, and the collaboration and support we provide our partners in the community.

of our team's focus is on caring . . . caring for our clients, caring for our caregivers, and caring for our community.

About Joining Our Talented Team

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Mike Steiner


Birth Month: January

Hobbies: Golfing, Scuba, Biking, anything to stay active.

Education: Southern Illinois University and the US Navy.

Experience: Project Management for over 20 years at Motorola both domestically and internationally.

Why I love my job: After I was liberated from Motorola, I did some soul searching and realized I loved helping others. I found that helping others was not just a good thing to do overall but I finally found my calling. I love what I do and don’t call this “work” whatsoever. Our team is absolutely the best! I’m so very proud of everyone who makes us who we are. Our mission truly resonates: To Improve The Quality of Life For Those We Serve. How can you beat that!

What I want our clients to know about me: Since I started Right at Home, It’s given me a new purpose in life. It’s helped me build a stronger bond with my son, my family, and the community. I’ve learned never to judge and I think most importantly that each day is a blessing and to share with others that as we age we don’t need to restrict ourselves and that so much is possible with a little extra help. For years as a Navy Veteran, I didn’t think much about it but now as I meet other Veterans, I feel proud and it’s so awesome to hear about others who have also served. In addition to being a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner, I love working with Veterans both in and around the community and serve as Co-Chair for the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Senior Advocacy Committee, sit on several boards including AgeGuide (our local Area Agency on Aging), Co-Chair for the Home Care Association’s Legislative Committee, the Grayslake Chamber of Commerce and Exchange Club.

Mike Mike


Billing and Payroll Specialist

Birth Month: March

Hobbies: Photography and repurposing old pieces of furniture with my own unique style.

Education: College of Lake County

Experience: Administrative, 15 years

Why I love my job: I love that our caregivers give our clients the feeling of security. Also, our caregivers help our seniors age in their homes with dignity by receiving the highest quality of care.

What I want our clients to know about me: I have lived in Lake County, Illinois my entire life. I am a single mother and have two children, a girl that is twelve and a boy that is ten. I have a Tortoiseshell cat named Jessie.

Fun Fact! I attended school at a department store when I was in sixth grade. In August 1986, the Wieboldt's department store went out of business at Lakehurst Mall. The location being vacant came as a blessing in 1986 when flooding severely damaged Gurnee Grade School and Viking Jr High. More than 600 fifth through eighth grade students were housed in the old Wieboldt's space. The space was informally known as "Wieboldt U" during that time.

Michelle Michelle


Care Manager

Birth Month: September

Hobbies: Boating, Fishing, Ping-Pong, Tennis, and Pickleball.

Education: BA in Teaching, MA and Ed.D. in Educational Administration

Experience: I have been an educator for over 35 years including being a teacher, principal, and owner of Sylvan Learning of Grayslake for tutoring students.

Why I love my job: I have had two work passions in my life: (1) Helping young people to get caught up to grade level and get ahead; and (2) Serving elderly people in order to provide care and comfort to them in their senior years.

What I want our clients to know about me: I care about people and put the needs of others ahead of myself. I want our clients to ask the question, “How can (RAH) serve you better?

Ken Rose Ken Rose


Care Manager

Birth Month: January

Hobbies: Glassblowing, biking, boating, and skiing.

Education: Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University.

Experience: I have been a dedicated Right at Home employee for more than six years.

Why I love my job: I get to help those who help others and experience job satisfaction each and every day. I love what I do because I can make a positive difference in the lives of our caregivers and clients.

What I want our clients to know about me: I’m fun, outgoing, love music festivals. In addition, after much reflection, I decided to go back in school to pursue a degree in Nursing.

Zac Steiner Zac Steiner


Operations Manager and Scheduler

Birth Month: October

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, walking my dogs, enjoying the outdoors.

Education: BSED Early Childhood and Elementary Education K-9

Experience: Teacher in Glenview School System, Sylvan Learning Center 30 years, Caregiver for both of my parents-my mother currently lives with me, and Caregiver at Right at Home.

Why I love my job: I love being with people who are passionate about what they do and everyone at Right at Home fits this profile, including the people I work with and the people I care for. I know I have found the right job and team when I feel I am able touch everyone's lives in a positive way every day and leave at night with a smile on my face.

What I want our clients to know about me: I will always do my best to meet every client needs. Matching caregiver, helping with training, stepping into your homes to do hands on work; just call me and I will help problem solve. Thank you for making me feel Right at Home and our team will make you feel Right at Home as well:)

Betsy Thomas Betsy Thomas


Care Manager

Birth Month: May

Hobbies: Love to travel and explore.

Education: College of Lake County.

Experience: Hr/Care Coordinator for many years. Working in hospitals, LTC and now Home Care Services.

Why I love my job: Seniors are my passion and have been since I was a young girl and volunteered through my youth group at church.

What I want our clients to know about me: I will always be your advocate and do my best to meet your needs whatever they may be.

Debbie Jenkins Debbie Jenkins


Care Manager

Birth Month: July

Hobbies: I love collecting antiques and baking.

Education: Certified Activity Professional; over 25 years as an Activity Director in senior living communities including long term are, assisted living and retirement communities, as well as a few years as a Marketing Director. I began my career at age 18 as an Activity Aide while attending college and became a Director at 19. I was also my fathers full time caregiver form age 92 to s few weeks shy of 104.

Experience: Hr/Care Coordinator for many years. Working in hospitals, LTC and now Home Care Services.

Why I love my job: I love my job because I love to help seniors stay in their homes as long as possible, and to be able to help them and their familied navigate the journey. Having been in their shoes, I can truly say "I know what you are going through" and have some personal insight on how to help find the solutions they need.

What I want our clients to know about me: I am happily married, and my husband and I have one daughter and a house full of pets including two dogs, three cats and two rabbits. As crazy as that may sound, we wouldn't have it any other way. My father lived by the motto "Every Day's a Holiday!" and I think he had the right idea. I love that Right at Home can help make every client we service help to make 'every day a holiday' for them, too.

Joann Gottermeyer Joann Gottermeyer


Human Resources Manager

Birth Month: February

Hobbies: Spending as much time as I can with my daughter. I enjoy golfing, cooking, and good movies. 

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English - Illinois State University; Juris Doctor - Thomas M. Cooley School of Law; Admitted to Colorado Bar in 1995.

Experience: Owned/Operated law practice since 1997. Provided mediation services, pro bono, for Colorado County Courts. 

Why I love my job: I've always felt that the elderly in our country could be treated and cared for in a much better way. Working at Right at Home allows me the opportunity to help improve the daily lives of many of the elderly in our community. 

What I want our clients to know about me: I am a single father of a 16-year old daughter. I will always be there to listen, and to help accommodate a client and/or caregiver's concerns. I had entered the field of home health care, after practicing law for over 25 years. It was an enormous career change - one I'm grateful that I made. While practicing law, there were few times that I felt a sense of accomplishment, other than 'winning a case'. I now feel a sense of accomplishment daily, knowing that I'm having a positive impact on people's lives. I strive to be attentive, prompt, and caring, when dealing with either caregiver or client issues. 

pic-josh pic-josh


On-Call Specialist

Birth Month: August

Hobbies: Painting and Reading

Education: University of Mobile

Experience: I have worked within the home health industry for the last 25 years.

Why I love my job: I love my job because I love helping people.

What I want our clients to know about me: I have 2 grown children, Rebecca and Patrick, and family is the most important thing to me, my family and yours!

erin-little erin-little


Covid Czar

Birth Month: June

Hobbies: Doing vector art designs using adobe Illustrator and photoshop, Playing video Games.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Philippines)

Experience: I have done volunteer work as a nurse and five years experience as a call center agent doing technical support for LG smart appliances.

Why I love my job: What I love about the job is being part of a culture. Everyone genuinely cares about each clients and caregivers. I learn so much from the individuals I work with and am challenged to learn and grow on a daily basis.

What I want our clients to know about me: I'm from the Philippines and I'm very lucky to be part of the Right at Home Team. My work motto is "always love and respect what you do".

Andy Colte Andy Colte



Birth Month: July

Hobbies: Going on long walks, trying out new recipes to share with my family and friends. I enjoy travelling to different places, I particularly love the beach.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Phillipines)

Experience: With extensive experience working both as a registered nurse in a private hospital and clinic setting for 5 years. A well-trained wellness coach for United Healthcare who actively listens and motivates clients to effectively overcome setbacks and achieve their health goals.

Why I love my job: I feel like my job pushes me to my fullest potential. I have a lot more confidence in myself since I've been working. I am surrounded by people who work really hard at what they do. Everyone is positive even when things are stressful. Am I am able to be a part of a family oriented work place and still have the flexibility to tend to my needs as a mom.

What I want our clients to know about me: I am a nurse by profession. An avid traveler by heart. I love exploring new places and meeting people from all walks of life. And I couldn't turn down a good laugh.

frances-picture frances-picture


Companion/Comfort Dog

Birth Month: March

Hobbies: Eating, drinking (water), hanging out at the office meeting Caregivers and look forward to meeting clients once I finish training school.

Education: I am a Certified Service Dog and also hold a Canine Good Citizen diploma. I'm excited to achieve more advanced certifications in the future to better help my Right at Home teammates and our clients.

Experience: Well, life started for me just prior to Covid so I’m still in training. I’ve got so much energy and can’t wait to visit rehabs, nursing homes, assisted and independent living communities as well as private homes, however, I won’t start visiting places until I can better manage my impulse control.

Why I love my job: I love bringing joy to people and love the snacks people give me. Sometimes I just lay down and meditate and think about the world.

What I want our clients to know about me: I don’t bite and am very friendly. Sometimes I have selective hearing (especially when it’s time to leave or when I’m told to do something I don’t want to do) but overall, I’m a kind and loving canine.

Pepper, who helps support our office, caregivers and clients, is enjoying a break in the backyard at the office enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to getting back to work helping to make the world a better place”.

pepper-resized pepper-resized

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