Grayslake Hop 'n Shop Event

Participating in a Great Community Event

On Saturday October 19th, many businesses in Grayslake opened their doors to a “Hop ‘n’ Shop” where craft beer and snacks were served at our business.  Tickets were $25.00 for a glass that you would take to all the businesses for tastes of a myriad of beers.

Right at Home participated and offered Hazy Hero and Fist City, both IPA’s – which were quite good!

Standing at table offering raffle and beers
Blown Glass Works

This was a great opportunity to share more of Right at Home’s services (we had 3 clients’ family members show up and several others who were interested in learning more about RAH). In addition, I showcased some of my son’s glass-works for those that wanted something special for Halloween.

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