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Veterans Aid & Attendance 

As a Veteran, you made sacrifices for our country. You were there for us when we needed you, now let us be there for you. Many Veterans are unaware of the Veteran Aid & Attendance benefit. This benefit allows qualifying Veterans, and surviving spouses, the ability to receive up to $25,440 per year, to pay for home care.

Needs-Based VA Benefits Get New Eligibility Rules Affecting the Pension with Aid and Attendance

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On September 18, 2018, The Department of Veterans Affairs, (VA) announced new rules applicable to VA needs-based benefit programs. These rules will impact the little-known, needs-based pension program often called, "Aid & Attendance." The changes go into effect October 18, 2018.

Why the Changes?

The VA reports in the Federal Register that the new changes will mean more consistent decisions on pension claims. VA decisions regarding an applicant's net worth have been criticized as inconsistent and sometimes unfair. The rules prior to October 18, 2018 left VA employees to make many judgment calls affecting whether an applicant would qualify. The changes enact some clear-cut guidelines for VA employees to follow for more consistent results.

The VA further explains that it wants to ensure the integrity of the Pension with Aid and Attendance as a needs-based benefit program applying only to those veterans and dependents who are in fact, in need. According to the VA, Congress did not intend for claimants who have sufficient assets for self-support to use the pension program as an estate planning tool, under which they may preserve or gift assets to their heirs and shift responsibility for their support to the government at the expense of taxpayers.

Sweeping VA Changes Should Help More Veterans in Need

While the VA has made several important changes to its needs-based programs including the VA Pension with Aid and Attendance, most noteworthy are net worth eligibility changes. These changes will open the door for more veterans and surviving spouses in need:

  1. The Total Benefit Can Provide Up To $27,188 per Year 
  2. Maximum Net Worth Limit of $129,094
  3. Three-Year Look-Back Period
  4. New Rules for Financial Instruments Such As Annuities

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$2,265 / month


$1,911 / month

Surviving Spouse

$1,228 / month

Healthy Veteran With Sick Spouse

$1,500 / month

These numbers are estimates and the Veterans Administration will provide actual numbers.


Eligibility Criteria

for honorably discharged veterans and their surviving spouses.

✔ 90 days or more of active duty, with at least one day of service during a wartime period.
✔ Must have a non-service related medical condition which requires assistance with activities of daily living.
✔ Must meet asset requirement. (Excludes home or car)
✔ Must meet income to medical expense ratio.

Wartime Periods

WWII 12/7/1941 - 12/31/1946
Korean Conflict 06/24/1950 - 01/31/1955
Vietnam Era 02/28/1961 - 08/05/1964 (In Republic of Vietnam)
Vietnam War 08/05/1964 - 05/07/1975
*Persion Gulf 08/02/1990 - tbd

*Must have active duty minimum 2 years

Paying for Home Care

Veterans Day ParadeThe VA requires home care services to be in place before the Veteran can be reimbursed for this expense. Often, qualifying Veterans cannot afford the cost of home care up front. Working with Veterans Care Coordination, a respected national company helping Veterans age in place, we can offer home care services to Veterans who would be unable to pay for home care services during the VA’s processing and reimbursement period.

To learn more about receiving home care using your Veterans Aid & Attendance benefit, please contact us by calling 847-984-0103, send us a message.

Request for DD214 Discharge Papers 

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