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Caregiver Jobs

For us to fulfill our mission we rely on having great Caregivers. To make sure our Caregivers succeed we've created a career plan because at Right at Home Northern Michigan it's not just a job, it's a career. We know that successful Caregivers have empathy, show compassion, have great communication skills, and are dependable. When you join our Care Team you are part of a hard working group of caring individuals who are committed to our mission—improving the quality of life for those we serve.

Right at Home Northern Michigan offers better incentives than competitive companies, we have flexible hours and are able to work around the caregivers schedule. We pride ourselves on having open communication with the office. We have a clear vision and identity and we crave honest feedback from our caregivers.

We want to make sure our caregivers know that we have a open door policy, we care about their input in the care of their clients, and the we want them to know that they are a very important part of the success that we are trying to achieve, by hiring staff that care about the people that they are caring for. Working as a Caregiver is a rewarding job!

Read what our Caregivers have to say:

"Best company I've worked for. Office is great with what I need." - Carly

"I love working for Right at Home. They make going to work a joy. The staff is always willing to help." - Robin

"The friendliness of the office staff. They're helpful when needing answers to questions. They try to make the company employees feel like family" - Marie

"I love working for this company, they are very compassionate and understanding. They take care of all that is working for. And then I love to work. They work with you on everything." - Tuesday

"I enjoy working with the people I have met. This job is a great job. Kim is the best." - Tiffany

"It's been a wonderful time working for Right at Home, they have been very good to me and my clients. They always try their best to make my job easier and more enjoyable" - Cotey

"I like working for Right at Home. They care about their clients and their employees. They work with you on your schedules and any problems you may have. Katonna and Arora work with you on schedules" - Melody

"All staff members I've had contact with are friendly and professional. When issues need addressed or it there's a concern for a client, the situation is handled promptly and with the best intentions for people. I love working for people who truly care about others." - Jessica

"Right at Home has been my Lifeline. I just needed a little extra money to get me through the month and wanted to make a difference. I have achieved both, but they have made it so easy. They listen and help ensure you are your best. Thanks RAH, I've enjoyed my time with you." - Diane

"They make sure I fit with my clients. They give me hours when hours are dropped. They listen to all concerns." - Monalee

"Love Love Love it ❤ " - Barb

We are looking for compassionate, caring, and responsible people who want to make a difference in others' lives.

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