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2024 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Join Right at Home!

Event: September 29, 2024 Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Support | Community Involvement | Caregiving
Right at Home Northern Virginia is walking to help raise awareness and end Alzheimer's on September 29th. Join us in the fight for a cure.

Local Awarded Regional Caregiver of the Year - Fairfax County Times

Article: May 13, 2022
Right at Home caregiver, Sarah Williams, is recognized as Regional Caregiver of the Year for her exemplary commitment to making a difference in the lives of her clients and team members.

Aging Right at Home: Cost of Long-Term Care in Your Retirement Plan

Article: September 07, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving | Health & Safety
Our retirement dreams might include travel, hobbies, spending more time with family and having time for all the other things we’ve always wanted to do. But studies show many people forget to factor in a significant expense they’re likely to encounter after retirement: the cost of health care. Neglecting this could really throw your retirement plan off track.

Aging Right at Home: Older Feet Need Special Care

Article: July 06, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving | Health & Safety
The American Geriatrics Society says one-third of people older than 65 have problems with their feet. Podiatrists see more older patients than any other age group. Normal changes of aging are partly to blame, but common health conditions also affect our feet — these include osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, circulation problems and/or diabetes. Here are seven steps to providing better foot care for older adults.

Aging Right at Home: June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Article: June 07, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving | Health & Safety
While abuse occurs to all types of people in all types of situations, gerontologists say that social isolation is a top risk factor for elder abuse. This gives increased significance to Elder Abuse Awareness Month this year, as many seniors continue to battle the (social, financial, physical, etc.) impacts of COVID-19.

Aging Right at Home: Addressing Later-Life Sleep Problems

Article: May 05, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving | Health & Safety
Some changes in our sleep patterns are perfectly normal as we grow older. Some are not. To help spot some issues that may need to be addressed by a doctor, Right At Home owner, Phill Turner discusses some of the common conditions.

Aging Right at Home: Older Men Need to Take Care of Their Health

Article: April 09, 2021 Caregiving | Health/Medical | Health & Safety
Women tend to live longer than men. There are a number of contributing factors. If you have an older male family member or loved one, take Phill's advice and encourage them to make these healthy lifestyle choices.

Announcing the Encompass Health & Right at Home Preferred Partnership

Article: March 18, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving | Health/Medical
The Encompass Health and Right at Home preferred relationship is structured around a strong mutual commitment to ongoing in-home care innovation. Among other benefits, this relationship provides an additional layer of data for home health care providers that could help improve the transition, and support patients with complex healthcare needs.

Aging Right at Home: How to Address Polypharmacy With Aging Adults

Article: March 08, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving | Health/Medical
Medication management can become a major challenge for aging adults. Phill Turner offers some tips to limit the negative effects of polypharmacy.

Aging Right at Home: Answers for the Concern of Geriatric Mental Health

Article: February 05, 2021 Caregiver Help | Caregiving
Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders are, unfortunately, quite common among the older population. Right At Home owner, Phill Turner provides answers to many of the frequent questions we hear from our clients.

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