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Specialized Training for Dementia Care

To provide the absolute best care for our clients suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia, Right at Home Northern Virginia caregivers are required to go through Alzheimer's/Dementia specific training.

Improving the quality of life for these clients takes specific knowledge on the disease they are living with. Although Right at Home Northern Virginia caregivers have already acquired experience on the subject, it is still very important to continue to improve their knowledge and abilities.

dementia care

Better Training Means Better Care

The unique needs of dementia care require specialized training and knowledge. Right at Home trained caregivers provide families with individualized, compassionate care for their loved one.

Our Program Offers

  • Monthly dementia training provided to educate and train Right at Home caregivers and staff
  • Classes taught in our local office by a Registered Nurse instructor
  • Curriculum designed to empower caregivers in providing effective, individualized care

Dementia Training

In our training, our caregivers’ senses are purposely altered for a brief time while they are given a series of tasks to accomplish.  A variety of tools are used to alter the participant’s sight, hearing, and ability to grasp objects. Right at Home is changing the delivery of dementia care through innovative educational programs.

Topics include:

✫ Behavioral Changes
✫ Personality Changes
✫ Physical & Sensory Challenges
✫ Impaired Problem Solving Skills

Dementia TrainingDementia TrainingDementia Training

Our Dementia Training Teaches Caregivers the Following:

  • Understand emotional and behavioral variations
  • Promote independence whenever possible
  • Listen effectively to verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Overcome care plan obstacles through redirection
  • Engage clients in activities without over stimulating
  • Apply problem-solving techniques to daily challenges
  • Reduce anxiety by maintaining familiar routines
  • Assist with peer socialization
  • Encourage appropriate physical activities 
  • Respond positively to difficult care situations
  • Preserve client individuality and dignity
  • Provide a sense of security, familiarity, and structure


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