Fort Worth, TX
(817) 560-2727

Quentas and Felicia Jones are the owners of the local Right at Home office serving the Northwest Fort Worth area. Both Quentas and Felicia have extensive experience in the customer service field in which they were charged daily with assisting a diverse group of clients with their needs, questions and concerns.

Felicia's educational background consists of a bachelor's degree in Multi-disciplinary Studies.

Quentas has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling. He also has experience as an intern councilor in which he assisted with discharge planning as well as group and individual counseling for young and senior adults.

Both Quentas and Felicia have a desire to give back to their community while making a difference in the lives of people they encounter.

2017 Texas Owners Meeting

Texas Owners Meeting 2017


Great seeing the Right at Home franchise owners in Waco Texas this past weekend. We truly are committed to providing quality and beneficial service to our clients.


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