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A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client. A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client.

Your Career as a Caregiver

A Note about COVID-19

Now, more than ever, it’s clear how essential caregivers really are. The people we serve rely on our caregivers, not just for companionship during a time of isolation, but also for assistance with their basic needs. Without dedicated caregivers, many seniors and adults with disabilities would be left with little support. You can make all the difference.

When you become a caregiver, no day will ever be exactly the same as the last. No matter what type of caregiving you provide, you will always have a wide variety of duties and experiences.

And that’s important to us.

Caregivers are the heart of our organization. We know our company couldn’t exist without you, which is why it’s so important to us to keep your passion strong and to ensure your needs are met.

Read more below about the unique positions we offer, along with the training and support we provide to every Right at Home caregiver.

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Benefits of a Right at Home Career

  • Make a Difference and Improve the Life of Someone in Need
  • Flexible Hours
  • Opportunities for Advancement and Pay Raises, Bonuses
  • Monthly Caregiver Appreciation Program
  • Ongoing Paid Training and Continuing Education
  • Supportive Management & Office Staff
  • We're a Top Rated Senior Home Care Agency!

Caregivers Come From All Walks of Life

Sandra Martinez-Turner, owner of Right at Home Merrillville and Right at Home Valparaiso shares her thoughts on caregivers and their importance to our relationships. Caregivers come from everywhere in the community. Whether you have a little experience, a lot of experience, or virtually no experience, you can make a difference in the lives of others. Our caregivers receive formal training, mentoring, self-help training and resources, hands-on experiences, and numerous appreciation and recognition opportunities. If you are unsure it's right for you, apply today and let's find out!

You Are the Right Fit

We believe that all kinds of people make great caregivers. It doesn’t matter if you have a little experience or a lot: You might already have the skills it takes to benefit a senior or adult with disabilities. Caregiving might be right for you if:

You’re a retiree or empty-nester
looking for meaningful part-time employment…

You’re new to the workforce and want to build
a successful career in health care…

You have experience caring
for a friend or loved one…

You’ve worked as a professional caregiver
for another company…

You’re working toward
becoming a CNA or RN…

You’re looking for
a more meaningful career…

A caregiver takes her client’s blood pressure in a comfortable home.
A caregiver is flipping through a book with his client
A caregiver takes her client’s blood pressure in a comfortable home.
A caregiver is flipping through a book with his client
Female Caregiver with Female Client
Female Caregiver with Female Client

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"If you are looking for rewarding work with support and incentives, then Right at Home is the place for you!! I recommend RAH as a place to build a career!"
Angela, Merrillville Caregiver

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I work with one of our clients who has severe dementia. She loves to sing songs while we wash her hair, brush her teeth and do her sponge bath. I do repetitive questions every day to try and keep her mind going. We take walks in her apartment halls, while singing and sometimes she even starts dancing with me. She may never remember my name but she always gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek when she sees me. She only knows me as the pretty lady. That is my name to her. She is one of the many reasons I do this job. Her face says it all. I adore her!"
Brittney, Merrillville Caregiver

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I am proud to be a Right at Home caregiver. I have been with this company for 3 years. All the clients, both present and past, that I have encountered give me a sense of pride with my work. The staff is always loyal and helpful in any way they can be - no problem, issues, or concerns go unsolved. I look forward to many more years to come with Right at Home. Thanks for making me a valuable part of this team."
Shanetha, Merrillville Caregiver

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I am a caregiver with Right At Home and I feel blessed to work with a company who supports the caregivers as well as the clients. They offer Paid training, PTO, regular promotions, and the hours and shifts that work for me. The office staff are well trained and extremely friendly as well as always happy to help make providing the best quality care for our wonderful clients possible! It’s an honor to work with Right At Home."
Paula N., , Merrillville Caregiver

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I honestly have to tell you that working with Right at Home has brought back the joy in my life and has made me feel worth something again. I had lost my identity over the years and the atmosphere within Right at Home has brought me full circle. It's hard to explain but being there for those that need any type of help or care makes things worthwhile and even if it means just a simple smile or a hug is sometimes all it takes to brighten their day. I always strive to be available for clients and promote the excellent standards Right at Home provides."
Krista P., Merrillville Caregiver

Ongoing Training and Education

When you become a Right at Home caregiver, you join a group of caring individuals whose goal is to help seniors and adults with disabilities live successfully in their homes. You are also associating yourself with one of the most reputable companies in home care. We believe that our success is dependent upon your success. That’s why in the ever-changing world of care, it is our goal to keep you trained and properly informed. From onboarding to client matching to continued education, we want you to thrive in your career.
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Orientation and Caregiver‑to‑Client Matching
Once you become a Right at Home caregiver, you'll go through an orientation process to learn our policies and procedures. After that, you’ll be ready to start providing care. Every time you're matched with a new client, you'll receive an orientation on that client's Custom Care Plan and the specifics of their care.
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Right at Home University
Right at Home caregivers can access hundreds of online trainings through an enhanced learning platform and mobile app called Right at Home University (RAHU). This training is designed to help you become the best caregiver possible.

Our Promises to Our Caregivers

We promise to help you become the best you can be. We will equip you as a professional by providing best-in-class training and investing in your professional development.

We promise to coach you to success. We’re always available to support you and offer you tips to be the best at delivering care to clients.

A female caregiver smiles up at her client as she prepares her wheelchair. A female caregiver smiles up at her client as she prepares her wheelchair.

Caregiver of the Month

As a reward for earning Caregiver of the Month, each receives a $200 bonus, Right at Home apparel, name engraved on the Caregiver of the Month plaque in our office, and company-wide recognition.

Thank you for being a fantastic caregiver and for providing incredible care!

June 2021
Shahid G.

July 2021
Sabrina D.

August 2021
Elaine S.

September 2021
Sara LY

October 2021
Sabrina D.

November 2021
Cosaundra J.

Caregivers of the Year

At Right at Home, we believe in delivering the highest quality care to our clients and their families. Every year, we reward the caregivers who go above and beyond with our Caregiver of the Year award, presented at our international conference.
The 2024 Winners

Join an Award-Winning Care Team

Right at Home Merrillville is honored to be a recipient of the national 2024 Caring Super Star Award for service excellence in home care, and to receive the 2024 Best of Home Care® Leader in Experience, Provider or Choice, and Employer of Choice Awards. "The Caring Super Star award is important to us because it is based on reviews of our clients and their loved ones, the people we serve every day. We are also extremely proud to win the 2024 Best of Home Care® awards, all of which are recognitions determined by third-party interviews of both clients and caregivers. These awards directly reflect our commitment to clients, caregivers, and our care team. Right at Home Merrillville has an extraordinary staff of highly-trained, experienced, and compassionate professionals helping clients every day."
Owner, Right at Home Merrillville

2024 Best of Home Care® Leader in Experience Award      2024 Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice Award 2024 Best of Home Care® Employer of Choice Award Caring Super Star Award Winner 2024

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