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"Our caregiver, Jenny is wonderful for my 94 yr old mother. Jenny is cheerful, kind, efficient, concerned, and encourages my mother to join in daily activity. Jenny communicates with me making good suggestions for improvement (shower chair). I believe Jenny has enhanced my mother's health, safety, and happiness. Thank you for this peace of mind - I live 500+ miles away." - Mary Lee ★★★★★

"Very great home care service and help for me. I thank my girls for the care and being kind to an old man. Very helpful and professional to work with. On time and reliable to be here for me. Very hard workers and they do cooking too." - William ★★★★★

"Great people, great service. My mom was a difficult case and they stuck with her." - Vicky ★★★★★

"It is my pleasure to write to you about Diane, our home health aide. As the wife of her client, I am so relieved to know that my husband is in her kind hands when I leave for work. Diane is just the right amount of 'doing' without taking over our home. She lets Mike 'lead' what he wants/needs to do on each of her visits and helps him wholeheartedly. Diane is thoughtful as she carefully watches over Mike. She encourages him while he completes his assigned exercises." - Mike's Wife ★★★★★

"I can’t say enough good things about Right at Home. My blind, wheelchair bound father found himself in the hospital without even the ability to get himself a sip of water. The Right at Home caregivers were there for him, helping with the little things and advocating on his behalf with the big things. A home health aide rode back with him and stayed with him at home while he recovered. I highly recommend this home care service." - Dr. L ★★★★★

"Can't recommend a better service. Our caregiver does a great job. We find Right at Home almost like family. We don't feel like the caregivers are strangers. They are great helpers, multi-talented cooks, cleaners and drivers. They are versatile and they match the skills to my needs. They make me feel like the most important person in the house." - Patricia ★★★★★

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“Just wanted to get a quick note off to you to let you know how outstanding Roxanna, Christine and Barbara are in their care of Mom and me. Mom feels comfortable with these three extraordinary women. They go above and beyond and we feel so fortunate to have them working with us. Right at Home did an excellent job of giving us the best! Roxanna was so helpful and wonderful on Monday, not only did she go to the grocery for me, she came home and cooked a fabulous dinner. Barbara is wonderful with Mom especially on shower days. Mom feels very comfortable with her and a strong connection since Barbara is also a Cubs fan! She is also a fabulous cook and makes Mom's favorite dishes. Christine gets Mom up and moving and also has cooked delicious meals. Thanks to these great ladies, Mom and I are eating healthy. Thank you. I have and will recommend Right At Home to friends and relatives. - From Kathleen ★★★★★

“I work with one of our clients who has severe dementia. She loves to sing songs while we wash her hair, brush her teeth and do her sponge bath. I do repetitive questions every day to try and keep her mind going. We take walks in her apartment halls, while singing and sometimes she even starts dancing with me. She may never remember my name but she always gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek when she sees me. She only knows me as the pretty lady. That is my name to her. She is one of the many reasons I do this job. Her face says it all. I adore her!” - From Caregiver, Brittney C. ★★★★★

“I am proud to be a Right at Home caregiver. I have been with this company for 3 years. All the clients, both present and past, that I have encountered give me a sense of pride with my work. The staff is always loyal and helpful in any way they can be - no problem, issues, or concerns go unsolved. I look forward to many more years to come with Right at Home. Thanks for making me a valuable part of this team.” - From Caregiver, Shanetha ★★★★★

“Right at home is a great place to work for staff is like family and I love how they give us room to grow in the company and truly care about our clients!!! You guys are definitely number one in my book!!!” - From Caregiver, April ★★★★★

“If you are looking for rewarding work with support and incentives, then Right at Home is the place for you!! I recommend RAH as a place to build a career!” - From Caregiver, Angela ★★★★★

“Great place to work for!!! Been there 3 years and have no complaints always willing to work with your schedule and match you with clients that fit your needs as well the Clients!” - From Caregiver, Melissa ★★★★★

“ I have been with Right At Home in Northwest IN since Feb 2019 and I really like working with this company out of all of the companies I have worked for so far this has been the best one yet. They really care about their employees and clients. They do a good job at recognizing employees hard work not many companies so that and that means a lot especially when you are a really hard working person. I do recommend this company for receiving care and for working, they do work with the families very well to find the best comparability between clients and caregivers and that is so important and it shows this company really cares all around and they put their best foot forward and they work with you on flexibility and just in general and it feels like true teamwork at this company defiantly the location I work at it does.” - From Caregiver, Jaclyn ★★★★★

“ I've been working for Right at Home Northwest IN for 4 wonderful years!! I absolutely love the people I serve and the joy is so rewarding. I love being able to work in an environment where I can be myself and care for others. Everyday I get to serve and there is always work available for caregivers. There is room for professional growth through Right at Home University and trainings. Marc and Kristin Sokol encourages staff to maintain the Gold Standard of Care by reaching out to staff consistently and offering tons of support. I love Right at Home it's a great place to work!!!!” - From Caregiver, Kelli ★★★★★

“I am a caregiver with Right At Home and I feel blessed to work with a company who supports the caregivers as well as the clients. They offer Paid training, PTO, regular promotions, and the hours and shifts that work for me. The office staff are well trained and extremely friendly as well as always happy to help make providing the best quality care for our wonderful clients possible! It’s an honor to work with Right At Home. ” - From Caregiver, Paula N. ★★★★★

“I honestly have to tell you that working with Right at Home has brought back the joy in my life and has made me feel worth something again. I had lost my identity over the years and the atmosphere within Right at Home has brought me full circle. It's hard to explain but being there for those that need any type of help or care makes things worthwhile and even if it means just a simple smile or a hug is sometimes all it takes to brighten their day. I always strive to be available for clients and promote the excellent standards Right at Home provides.” - From Caregiver Krista P. ★★★★★

"My mother has been using in-home caregivers through Right at Home for approximately one year. We have been very satisfied with the caregivers that have been sent to help care for Mom. We are comfortable knowing that she is in good hands." - Mary ★★★★★

"Right at Home makes sure that the job gets done. The services from Right at Home make it easier on the family because there is someone else to depend on. Without Right at Home, it would be up to us to do everything that my mom needs." - Duane ★★★★★

"Right at Home is very accommodating, even at the last minute. They do magic and they manage to do whatever I need done. Right at Home has made life easier for me by accommodating me without much fuss. I have particular hours that are strange, and they accommodate exactly what I need." - Francoise ★★★★★

"I would tell a friend that the caregivers from Right at Home are reliable, come on time, and leave when I ask. I am 85 years old and am on oxygen 24/7. I have to do a lot of exercises because I hurt. I am pleased with the way that Right at Home performs their services." - Pat ★★★★★

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