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Published By K. Sokol on April 17, 2019

Congratulations to the following caregivers who were recently promoted or named rising stars:



  • Leticia Darraj
  • Ilka Erickson
  • Susan Fewkes
  • Sharmetta Jones
  • Kernita Jordan
  • Gladys Kamanja
  • Anthony King
  • Nanette Markovich
  • Krista Parkison
  • Laura Porter
  • Susie Wren


  • Mary Ann Lopez Vasquez
  • Senetha Ross


  • Shalondia Caldwell
  • Shellie Cross-Dean
  • Bettye Ferguson
  • Rachel McCray
  • Paula Nebel
  • Shanetha Pollard
  • Leticia West


  • Andrea Edwards
  • Kimberly Edwards
  • Kristian Mosley
  • Aneadra Pollard
  • Benita Taylor


  • Diane Battle
  • Candace Brouwer
  • Denise Brown
  • Kadja Brown
  • Latricia Deloach
  • Cecelia Edmondson
  • Genefer Erege
  • Jaclyn Foy
  • Marina Franzen
  • Bella Giovane
  • Harriet Houser
  • Brianna Jackson
  • Shantwaneka Jones
  • Sharon Kelly
  • Cindy McClanahan
  • Donita Moore
  • Mildred Radam
  • Charity Riley
  • Charles Roberts
  • Sandra Stimler
  • Kristin Tuttle


We would also like to recognize some of our long-serving Managing Caregivers who are awarded periodic pay increases and/or additional paid time off and/or paid training through Right at Home University.  Thank you to:

  • Melissa Connor
  • Chris Davis
  • Cosaundra Johnson
  • Michelle Lacey
  • Dalores Lounds
  • Valerie Mallette
  • Charlotte May
  • Dolly McCall
  • Sandra McHenry
  • Linda Moore-Garcia
  • Kelli Patrick
  • Star Richardson
  • Jessica Stokes
  • Angela Walker
  • Latonya Wingard

Caregivers are promoted based on several factors, including:

  • At least 3 full months of service during the prior quarter
  • Outstanding service during the prior quarter
  • Correct use of procedures, including on-time arrivals, timely clock-ins and clock outs, proper use of telephony and time cards, proper completion and returning of care notes, and promptly responding to communications from the office
  • Minimal call-offs
  • Covering regular and emergency call-offs
  • Positive reviews from clients and supervisors

Promotions include:

  • Pay increases
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) to be used by the caregiver at his/her discretion
  • Paid training through Right at Home University (RAHU)

Rising Star awards are given to our caregivers who are not eligible to be promoted but who have been exemplifying excellent work and are on track for promotions next quarter.   If you have any questions about how promotions work, please contact the office.

Please join us in congratulating our recently promoted caregivers and our rising stars!  Keep up the excellent work!

We are the Right People, doing the Right Things, the Right Way, for the Right Reasons!

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