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Published By K. Sokol on September 10, 2018

Recognizing Our Wonderful Right at Home Caregivers

Announcing August 2018's ...


Right at Home Newsletter

Please join us in congratulating our August 2018 Caregiver of the Month, Janice Harris!

Janice joined Right at Home in October 2017. The day after her orientation she accepted her first shift and has been a regular caregiver for this client since that very first day. Janice’s dedication to her client is evident in the wonderful care she provides while working with her client five or six days every week.

In August, Janice’s client’s condition was changing and needing more attention. Janice graciously accepted more shifts to ensure her client continued to receive the best care possible from a caregiver she knows and trusts. Janice alerts the office almost daily whenever there is a change in condition, medication, or behavior. The client’s son and daughter call the office frequently to give praise for Janice, how thorough she is reporting any changes to them, and say they wish they could multiply her! She also has trained every caregiver that has been added to the team, even on her days off.

Like our best caregivers, Janice never calls off her accepted shifts and never misses a clock-in or out and is diligent in turning in her care notes each week. Janice, a huge thank you for delivering the gold standard of care to your client and for being an outstanding caregiver.

As a reward for earning the Caregiver of the Month award, Janice will be awarded a $100 bonus, given Right at Home apparel, have her name engraved on the Caregiver of the Month plaque in our office, and receive company-wide recognition.


Please join us in congratulating Melissa Conner, our August 2018 Team Player of the Month!

Melissa joined Right at Home in July of 2016 and since that time has proven over and over again what a valuable team player she is. Melissa provided care for FIVE different clients in the month of August! She is our go-to overnight caregiver when we’re in a pinch, regularly accepting overnight shifts offered last minute and gladly rearranging her schedule to cover them! Her clients always have excellent feedback and request for her by name to return.

In addition to providing overnight care, Melissa has been the sole caregiver for a client who receives companion care several days a week. This client was hospitalized in August. Instead of putting the case on hold, the family requested Melissa continue to provide companionship for him so his wife could leave the hospital to run errands. Melissa’s wonderful care for this client provided a familiar face for him and comfort to his wife that he was in good hands while she was away.

The office appreciates Melissa’s timely clock-ins and outs, not calling off her shifts, her regular delivery of care notes, and how she reports changes in her clients’ conditions. Melissa thank you for upholding the gold standard of care and being part of our culture of excellence!

As a reward for earning the Team Player of the Month award, Melissa will receive a $50 bonus and company-wide recognition.


We would also like to congratulate our August 2018 All-Stars, who will be awarded a $20 gift card to Meijer and receive company-wide recognition. Right at Home All-Stars are selected based on several factors, including excellence in regularly clocking in and out on time, not calling off shifts, and providing great care to clients. Total hours worked for the month and a willingness to cover shifts and be a team player are also considered.

  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Joyce Bailey
  • Chris Davis
  • Dahkia Ellison
  • Barbara Ford
  • Deb Harris
  • Lena Hawkins
  • Cosaundra Johnson
  • Dalores Lounds
  • Valerie Mallette
  • Charlotte May
  • Brigitte McGee
  • Sandra McHenry
  • Jordyn Miller
  • Ernestina Nelson
  • Heather Norrick
  • Stacy Phillips
  • Aneadra Pollard
  • Marquis Pruitt Hudson
  • Jessica Stokes
  • Benita Taylor
  • Madison Villareal
  • Angela Walker
  • Kelly Whitaker
  • Latonya Wingard

To All of Our Winners!

For all our winners, gift cards may be picked up in the office during regular business hours beginning, Tuesday, September 11 through the end of the month.

In total, our caregiver bonuses for August 2018 were over $650!

Thank you to all of our Right at Home caregivers! Each one of you is a valuable part of our team that provides the “gold standard” in homecare to northwest Indiana seniors.

We are the Right People, Doing the Right Things, the Right Way, for the Right Reason


During my recovery from foot surgery, I had the BEST care takers who took care of both my Mom and I. Each person has their special talent and way of making us feel comfortable. If the need should ever arise, I will feel comfortable knowing Mom will get the wonderful care this company provides.

Nancy G.

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