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Published By K. Sokol on October 23, 2019

Recognizing Our Wonderful Right at Home Caregivers

Announcing September 2019's ...


Please join us in congratulating our September 2019 Caregiver of the Month, Brittney Cavazos!

Brittney provided care to six clients in September and worked almost every single day. As one of our hardest working caregivers, she frequently covers multiple shifts in one day! Last month, one of Brittney’s clients passed away. The client’s son praised Brittney’s care and said that his mom loved Brittney and they got along very well. Brittney went above and beyond to bring joy to this client by singing songs with her, taking her for walks, and taking special care to make her client feel loved and well cared for. Brittney’s cheerful personality and compassionate care has earned her great feedback from every client she has cared for. Clients specifically request that Brittney become a permanent member of their care teams so she can care for them regularly. Not only is Brittney great with her clients, she is awesome about communicating with the office, too! Brittney constantly checks in with the office about her schedule and covers shifts when she is available! Like every great caregiver, Brittney frequently drops off care notes and picks up weekly visit record sheets and gloves. Brittney, thank you for providing wonderful care to each or your clients!

As a reward for earning the Caregiver of the Month award, Brittney will receive a $100 bonus, be given Right at Home apparel, have her name engraved on the Caregiver of the Month plaque in our office, and receive company-wide recognition.


Please join us in congratulating our 2019 Team Player of the Month, Donna Johnson!

Donna is an incredibly valuable member of our caregiving team because she has a variety of skills that help her successfully provide care in different types of care situations. Last month, Donna joined the care team of a client who is on hospice and is bed bound, requiring repositioning and heavy personal care. In addition to that client, Donna is also a live-in caregiver, providing personal care and special transferring assistance to her client daily and nightly. She also trains other caregivers on proper and safe methods to transfer clients, paying special attention to their sensitive spots to ensure their comfort. Donna was a team player during September by accepting many shifts on late notice, especially shifts that started the next morning! Donna promptly reports all changes in her clients’ conditions to the office by calling in, and makes sure everyone is up to date on changing care needs. Donna, thank you for upholding the gold standard of care!

As a reward for earning the Team Player of the Month award, Donna will receive a $50 bonus and company-wide recognition.


We would also like to congratulate our September 2019 All-Stars, who will be awarded a $20 gift card to Meijer and receive company-wide recognition. Right at Home All-Stars are selected based on several factors, including excellence in regularly clocking in and out on time, not calling off shifts, and providing great care to clients. Total hours worked for the month and a willingness to cover shifts and be a team player are also considered.

  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Joyce Bailey
  • Christine Ciecierski
  • Shellie Cross-Dean
  • Chris Davis
  • Jacyln Foy
  • Susan Fewkes
  • Nancy Frieson
  • Cosaundra Johnson
  • Michelle Love-Franklin
  • Nanette Markovich
  • Sandra McHenry
  • Paula Nebel
  • Barbara Ostrowski
  • Lorraine Smith
  • Alleia Tharpe
  • Denise Thomas-Simpson
  • Angela Walker
  • Latonya Wingard
  • Andrea Edwards
  • Dalores Lounds
  • Shanetha Pollard
  • Krista Parkison

To All of Our Winners!

For all our winners, gift cards may be picked up in the office during regular business hours beginning Thursday, October 17, through the end of the month.

In total, our caregiver bonuses for September 2019 were over $600!

Thank you to all of our Right at Home caregivers! Each one of you is a valuable part of our team that provides the “gold standard” in homecare to northwest Indiana seniors.

We are the Right People, Doing the Right Things, the Right Way, for the Right Reason


During my recovery from foot surgery, I had the BEST care takers who took care of both my Mom and I. Each person has their special talent and way of making us feel comfortable. If the need should ever arise, I will feel comfortable knowing Mom will get the wonderful care this company provides.

Nancy G.

Previous Caregivers of the Month

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