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Published By K. Sokol on February 13, 2019



SANDRA McHENRY - Caregiver of the Year 2018We are thrilled to announce our 2018 Caregiver of the Year – Sandra McHenry! Sandra just celebrated her three-year anniversary with Right at Home and during that time she has been the perfect example of what a Right at Home caregiver should be..

Her Clients Adore Her

Sandra has been adored, loved, and praised by literally every single client she has ever had and has never received a complaint. Amazingly, in the three years Sandra has worked at Right at Home, she has rarely, if ever, been late to a shift or called off of a shift with less than two weeks’ notice. Sandra is a “team player” who demonstrates great flexibility with her schedule; she is regularly willing to cover emergency shifts, fill in for team members, and pick up extra shifts requested by her clients.

Sandra never complains. Instead, she always has a smile on her face, a great attitude, and a “can do” mentality. In all of these ways and more, Sandra demonstrates what it means to provide the “gold standard” in care that Right at Home has become known for.

She Provides Above and Beyond Care

Since her hire date, Sandra has worked with two VIP clients, both of whom have extensive personal care needs and large care teams. As a highly skilled caregiver, Sandra makes even the most challenging personal care tasks look easy. One of Sandra’s key strengths is her ability to handle even the most difficult transfers, including for clients with limited strength and mobility, and she has become our “go to” caregiver for training other caregivers in safe and effective transfer techniques. As a Managing Caregiver, Sandra has frequently trained fellow care team members to ensure that they too provide the gold standard of care to our clients.

Hard Working and Reliable

Sandra is also one of our hardest working and most reliable caregivers. She works seven days a week and regularly works overtime with her clients to ensure their care needs are met. Sandra’s caseload expanded last year when she began providing additional care to her regular client’s spouse – essentially providing care to two clients at one time. Instead of balking at the extra care required, Sandra and the other care team members stepped in with grace and cheerfulness to ensure these clients received the best care possible. Sandra has been especially diligent in keeping the office updated on her clients’ changes in condition, and the office team really appreciates her real-time updates to ensure the safety of our clients.

Continued Outstanding Work

This is not the first time we’ve recognized Sandra for her outstanding work. Sandra has earned the Caregiver of the Month award no fewer than three times, has been our Team Player of the Month, and has been named a monthly All-Star too many times to count.

Thank You!

We thank you, Sandra, for embodying the “gold standard” of care that Right at Home is known for!

As Caregiver of the Year for 2018, Sandra will receive company-wide recognition and a substantial monetary bonus. Please join us in congratulating Sandra on being selected as our 2018 Caregiver of the Year!

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