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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

The Importance of Community

Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City is committed to being an integral and active member of our community. As an in-home care provider, we understand seniors' connections and relationships are key to living vital lives as they age. Likewise, we know as a company that having strong connections and relationships in the community is key to ensuring seniors get the resources, education, and care they need.

Summer Kick Off!!!

Nothing like a good ol' fashion cookout to kick off the summer. Right off the grill hotdogs, juicy hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, chips, and dip……plus WATERMELON!! Who can resist ice cold watermelon!

We had a great day cooking, eating, socializing with our friends at South West Mansion Oklahoma City. Thank you so much for allowing Right at Home be a part of your Summer Kick Off!

SW Mansions Cook Out-Greg and Crystal Self

SW Mansions Cook Out-BBQ

SW Mansions Cook Out-Burger Table Spread

SW Mansions Cook Out-Diners Saying Cheers

SW Mansions Cook Out-Meal Time

SW Mansions Cook Out-Senior Residents at the Table

SW Mansions Cook Out-Seniors at Dining Table

SW Mansions Cook Out-Seniors Enjoying Dinner

SW Mansions Cook Out-Seniors Enjoying Their Meal

Caregiver Development Across the Community

As the top private home care agency in Oklahoma City, Right at Home is committed to continuous caregiver development. This week we spent time with senior caregivers and staff from Hefner and Southwest Manions in Oklahoma City, honing and developing skills that help identify possible effects of dementia. Putting yourself in their shoes while trying to function through activities of daily life can be sad and eye opening. In the next 30 years the number of Americans age 65 and older with Alzheimer's dementia may grow to 13.8 million. It’s important that we know how to care for our aging community!

Thank you, Hefner and SW Mansion’s, for allowing us the use of your staff and community!

SW Mansions VDT 2021 Diontri

Hefner Mansion Miya Lyndsey 2021

Hefner Mansion VDT Training Class 2 2021

Hefner Mansions VDT Class Training

Hefner VDT 2021 Class Training

Hefner VDT Crystal Teaching 2021


SW Mansions VDT 2021

Hefner Mansion VDT Tony Sherita 2021

Easter Car Parade Festivities

Thank you Village on the Park for hosting a wonderful Easter Parade! It was a beautiful day and GREAT to see old friends, make some new ones, and see the Easter Bunny! Seniors and kids alike enjoyed the day.

Village on Park Easter Parade Easter Bunny

Village on Park Easter Parade Greg Self and Toddler in Wrapped Car

Village on Park Easter Parade Greg Self and Toddler in Wrapped Car

Village on Park Easter Parade Viewers Seated in Parking

Village on Park Easter Parade Hot Rod

Village on Park Easter Parade Viewers Seated on Sidewalk

Popular "PIGGY Bank Bingo" Back In Action!

Hefner Mansion Piggy Bank Bingo Event Lady Playing With Toy Pig

Hefner Mansion Piggy Bank Bingo Event Table Set-up-comp

As Right at Home senior care we have the privilege of working with some great senior facilities in the Oklahoma City area. Calling BINGO is one our many favorite things to do! This week was Hefner Mansions PIGGY Bank Bingo! If you BINGO on the correct call you win the PIGGY and its contents. We had a winner yesterday! Thank you all for playing!

Hefner Mansions PIGGY Bank Bingo

2020 HF Mansions RAH Pig Winner

2020 HF Mansions RAH Pig Winner holding pig

For over a year now we have been feeding quarters to the RAH/Hefner Mansions PIGGY BANK when calling Bingo! The first number called is the PIG number. Every time that PIG number is called I add 50 cents to the piggy bank. To win the bank you must have a BINGO on the PIG number. I’m happy to announce on Wednesday we had a BIG PIG Winner taking home almost $20.00 in quarters home!! Thank you Hefner Mansions for allowing Right at Home-OKC be a part of such a fun group to call BINGO!

SouthWest Mansions Fun and Flu Shots

 2020 HM Flu Shots 2

2020 HM Flu Shots 3

 2020 HM Flu Shots 5

A very busy and fun day sponsoring flu shots at SouthWest Mansion in OKC. Over 50 residents lined up, six feet apart of-course, for flu shots, drinks and snacks. It’s always fun when these characters get together! They have lots of stories and life experiences to share and are happy to do so! A big thanks to Walgreens for providing the onsite service and the continued support from the Mansion staff!

Hefner Mansions Flu Shots from a Friendly Face

 2020 SW Mansions Flu Shot 2020 1

2020 SW Mansions Flu Shots 2

 2020 SW Masnion Flu Shots 6

Don’t let the flu get you!! Special thanks to Walgreens for providing flu shots and a friendly face to the resident at Hefner Mansions. The only thing we want to spread this winter season is happiness.

Proudly Taking Part in the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma's Rally Drive Thru Parade and Virtual Walk

Parkinson's Rally Drive Thru Parade A Stream of Cars in the Drive Thru Parade

Drive Thru Parade Sponsors Sponsors of the Drive Thru Parade

Powering Through Parkinson's Stepping Up and Standing Strong!

Greg Self-Rebekah Vieth-Crystal Self Greg Self, Rebekah Vieth and Crystal Self

Matthew-DJ-Development Director Matthew Morton, Development Director

Virtual Walk Team Thank You to Our Virtual Walk Team!

On Saturday, Aug. 15th, Right at Home Oklahoma City was proud to join the largest event in our city dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Parkinson's families. It is more than just a fundraiser; it’s an opportunity to come together to raise awareness and celebrate the lives of the more than 15,000 Oklahomans living with Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma "Rally Walk and 5K" supports the work the foundation does to inspire hope and transform life for Parkinson patients and families in Oklahoma. As an organization operating solely in Oklahoma, 100% of donations will stay in state to provide programs and services to local families.

Right at Home Oklahoma City's team did the Virtual Walk at our office. The Drive Thru Parade offered important information, plus festivities, fundraising, and fun! Matthew Morton, Development Director for the Parkinson’s Foundation, served as DJ and the official 'Acceptor of Donations.' A good time was had by all as Bruce McIntyre, Executive Director for the Parkinson's Foundation, mc’d the event. Erica Portell from Ballet Oklahoma and her daughter provided the dance moves! Erica is a regular volunteer who leads 'Dance for Parkinson’s' activities for the Parkinson’s Foundation. Right at Home Oklahoma City gives a tip-of-the-hat to the 'Drive Thru Parade' leaders (the Cooks), parade event sponsors, Virtual Walk organizers, and all of the great supporters of the Foundation's activities for holding top-notch events!

Kicking Off the Holiday Season at Hefner Mansions

Hefner Mansions Decorating Party

Hefner Mansions Decorating Party

Hefner Mansions Decorating Party

Hefner Mansions Decorating Party

We had a great time at Hefner Mansions - OKC kicking off the holiday season. Tree’s were trimmed with beautiful decorations, hot chocolate, cookies, and eggnog was shared along with singing favorite Christmas carols! This is just the start of a terrific Christmas season at the Mansions. We always enjoy being with the staff and residents of Hefner Mansions. Thank you for allowing Right at Home-OKC be a part.

Celebrating Birthdays at Southwest Mansions in Oklahoma City

We love this event!

Southwest Mansions October Birthdays

Mansions Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Right at Home celebrates monthly birthday with Southwest Mansions, Oklahoma City!! Lots of birthdays and reasons to celebrate with the fun residents and staff at Southwest Mansions!! Greg looks forward to this every month!!

Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma State Conference

Right at Home’s Rebekah Vieth and Greg Self were on hand to learn and offer assistance during the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma’s State Conference Oct. 25. Special thanks to Executive Director Bruce McIntyre for the invitation and guest speakers Jimmy J. Williams and neurologist Dr. K, a movement disorder specialist, for their motivation and information.

Parkinson's Foundation State Conference

July Cook Out at South West Mansion- OKC

Great day at the grill cooking for the residents of South West Mansion-OKC. 120 hamburgers 60 hot dogs lots of drinks and sides! Good stories and fun. Thank you Lisa Peabody for sharing your time and residents with us!

July Cook Out Food Table and Residents

Senior Fraud Seminar

Thank you to SW Mansion’s and their great residents for attending our Senior Fraud seminar. We had a great discussion on senior fraud “to-do’s and not to do’s”, prevention and identifying scams.

Senior Fraud Seminar

50+ Better Living Expo in Oklahoma City

Right at Home-OKC, Crystal Self, Greg Self, Jamie Baade, Kimber Horst, along with Rebecca Vieth of Right at Home- Edmond, join forces for the 50+ Better Living Expo in Oklahoma City on June 19th.

50+ Better Living Expo

This one-day event featuring over 150 exhibitors plus seminars from experts in health & wellness, nutrition, finance, technology, travel, home healthcare, assisted living, and much, much more!

In addition: It was a honor and a privilege to meet a true WWII to hero, Mr. Raymond Duncan, while attending the 50+Better Living Expo.

Staff Sgt. Raymond Duncan served as an Air Force crew chief mechanic while stationed in England during World War II. At 97 years old, memories fade. For Duncan, his memories from WWII are vivid. Duncan still dreams about the day in 1944 when a buzz bomb went off over his base a second too late, sparing his life. “It was a quick, ‘tatatatatat,’ when the engine on that buzz bomb was firing,” the veteran said. “When I came back and worked at Tinker Air Force Base for 27 years, I hear one of those engines fire and chills ran through me.” Duncan’s crew, the 487th Bomb Group, led the largest air raid during the war. He said 235 members didn’t make it back. “Nobody tried to make friends because you didn’t know who was coming back and who wasn’t,” he said. Duncan received a Presidential Unit Citation and Good Conduct Ribbon, among other honors. “Had we not won the war, we had lost that war, I wouldn’t be here and neither would you,” he said.

Parkinson's Rally Walk and 5k

Who: RAH – Oklahoma with Parkinson Association
When: May 5, 2019
Where: Wheeler Park Oklahoma City
What: Parkinson Rally Walk and 5kw.

RAH Edmond/Oklahoma City join forces for a good cause with the Parkinson Foundation Rally Walk & 5kw. It was a beautiful day with a great turn out. Look forward to 2020 with this group.

Parkinson's Rally Walk and 5k

Health Talk: F.I.T. With Routine Exercise

Health Talk: Provided by RAH-OKC
Presenter: Crystal Self, Owner/Admin

Things to Try; to keep yourself active and healthy through-out the day.

F I T: Frequency Intensity Time!! Every day, push yourself, work up a sweat!

HAVE FUN making your every-day routine an exercise!

  • Sweeping the floor
  • Folding Clothes
  • Taking the trash out
  • Making the bed
  • Dusting
  • Laundry

Exercise Health Talk

Saint Ann Retirement Center Health Fair

Saint Ann's Health Fair

Greg and Crystal Self owner of Right at Home OKC joins Saint Ann Retirement Center in Oklahoma City for their annual Health Fair 2019. Over 40 vendors, residents and neighbors attend this annual event. It was great to see old and new friends.

Right at Home caregivers Marceesha and Samuella join Sister Theresa to tour Saint Ann Retirement Center's annual Health Fair.





Oklahoma Partnership for Home Care Meeting

OPHC Meeting

Oklahoma Partnership for Home Care (OPHC) held its April 17 meeting at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Senator Greg McCortney presented an update to the group and hosted a discussion featuring concerns and ideas surrounding quality care for Oklahoma seniors. OKC Right at Home owner, Crystal Self, who is a founding member of OPHC, represented her clients, their families, and her care team in the discussion.





Parkinson's Foundation Volunteer Celebration 

Bruce McIntyre, executive director of the Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma, welcomes volunteers to a celebration at Café 7. Volunteers are gearing up to support the Parkinson’s Foundation Rally, Walk, and 5K scheduled for May 5 at Wheeler Park. Right at Home is excited to sponsor and be a part of the event with volunteer manpower and participants.

Parkinson's Foundation Support Rally