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RightTransitions Improves Patient Outcomes

Our RightTransition care team can help minimize re-admissions by working with medical professionals by ensuring a smooth transition from patient to home. Our team will assist and instruct in all aspects of personal care and recovery, meal preparation, safe transfers, fall prevention & med reminders! Our job is to work closely with nurses and therapists to ensure a thorough recovery process at home.

Rest Assured Your Patients Will Get the In-Home Assistance They Need

As acute care providers, you recognize the value of supervised care transitions provided by trained, reputable providers to safeguard against unnecessary readmissions. Right at Home is at the forefront of these providers. We coordinate with you, the healthcare continuum, your patients and their families to reduce readmission rates, lower costs associated with readmissions, and enhance your reputation for providing quality patient care. Whether you currently have a transitional care program or not, our caregivers can improve your patients’ recovery, as well as improve your bottom line. Our customizable care model includes the right services necessary to help patients transition safely out of your facility.

Care Transitions is a program that provides support to your patients as they move from the hospital or skilled facility environment to home. Physicians, nurses, and social workers can rest assured that their patients will receive the in-home assistance needed to ensure continued recovery and prevention of complications. Our staff provides meal preparation for adequate nutrition and fluid intake, medication assistance so patients stay on their regimen, and assistance with exercises so patients stay on their home exercise programs. We provide transportation for errands and follow-up doctor's appointments as well as personal cares such as bathing and safe walking to prevent falls as someone recovers from illness or surgery. Care Transitions helps ensure a safe home environment for your patients for continued recovery and return to an optimal quality if life.

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Estimated decrease in Medicare payments due to HRRP1 penalties in FY 2019

1 Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
(Source: CMS)

Key Components of a Successful Transition Program

Empowering your patients with a successful discharge plan that includes RightTransitions can significantly reduce the risk of readmissions and increase overall patient satisfaction with your facility.

Enhanced Communication Between Care Providers and Patients

  • Care coordination
  • Care plan adherence
  • Post-acute care plan follow-up
  • Communication with all care providers

Follow-up and Transportation to Physicians

  • Ensuring follow-up with MD/PCP/specialists
  • Transportation assistance
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment attendance

Clear Instructions on Post-Discharge Care and Medications

  • Essential reminders
  • Adherence to discharge instructions
  • Care plan education
  • Nutrition / hydration
  • Timely initiation of care

Provide Proactive Solutions

  • Care coordination
  • Assistance with dietary restrictions/changes
  • Fall risk reduction
  • "Eyes and ears" of in-home, nonmedical care for high-risk, complex cases

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