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Published By Vernon Atwood on March 19, 2019

Celebrating Our Caregiver of the Year 2018 - Irma Tovar

Irma Tovar 2018 Caregiver of the Year

Our caregivers are at the heart of our business. We are excited to celebrate our caregiver of the year, Irma Tovar. 

When you mention the name Irma, in the office, and everyone's faces light up. She's a joy to have around and her smile never goes away. Humbleness and loving are the character traits that make her a unanimous decision for Caregiver of the Year in our office.

Irma's humbleness makes her greatness fly under the radar. It's her clients and team members who rave about her services. Through the years, we've noticed a pattern with Irma, every client she's with wants to see her more. Her sweet and gentle way is what works to convince strong-willed and independent clients to accept assistance when bathing, grocery shopping, housekeeping, etc.. For example, we have a client who's from England and cherishes her elegant tea cup collection. She wasn't able to dust it for several years due to her declining eye sight but wouldn't let her daughters do the job because she didn't want anyone near her fragile tea cups. Her daughter called the office after a week of starting services with Right at Home to notify us that their mother allowed Irma to dust the cups and the collection was beautiful again. They said Irma has the magic touch. We know it's not magic, it's Irma's compassion.

Irma has been with our office for two years. She has never had an unexcused absence or was ever late to a shift. When we have to fill a shift due to a last minute call-off, we call Irma. All these actions demonstrate Irma's commitment to Right at Home. Irma recruits caregivers at the grocery store and mentions how nice it is to work for Right at Home. She also indirectly markets for us. People see her around town with our clients and ask her who she works for because they want the same attention given to their loved one by a caregiver.

Again, it's Irma's humble ways that motivates us all to do better. She doesn't influence others using words, she leads by her actions. She's a great example of Mother Theresa's quote of "doing small things with great love".

Irma signs up for all of the training we provide at Right at Home. She, also, tells us what training may be needed with a client of hers in order to provide a better service (e.g. transfers, bathing, dressing, dementia). She's a grandmother who loves to learn and sets a good example to the rest of our team.

We are grateful to have Irma Tovar as part of our team at Right at Home Northwest Orange County!

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