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Educational Presentations

We regularly give presentations around Orange and Los Angeles Counties covering a variety of aging and senior care subjects. Our presentations range from lively discussions about the Right at Home sponsored PBS series, "Feel Grand with Jane Seymour" to healthcare, and financial planning.  We often partner with local experts such as senior care advocate, Shiffy Crane and the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. 

Transportation Options in Orange County

When your own mobility is limited due to age or injury, it is necessary to understand what transportation options are available in order to remain as independent as possible. Kylene Garcia and Vernon Atwood discussed the topic of "Transportation Options in Orange County" with an engaged group.

Caregiver Burnout

Kylene Garcia and Vernon Atwood discussed the topic of "Caregiver Burnout" with an engaged group. The presentation addresses what Caregiver Burnout is, how to recognize and ways to get help. 

Navigating the Home Care Maze

Vernon Atwood, owner of Right at Home Northwest Orange County discussed the topic of "Navigating the Home Care Maze" at Whittier Hospital. There are many types of care that can be provided in the home. Which ones are paid for by insurance and Medicare and which are not? What are the differences between the different types of care? This presentation explained this as well as what to look for and what to ask these providers.

Scam Awareness

Vernon Atwood, owner of Right at Home, servicing Northwest Orange and LA Counties, provided an overview of how seniors (65+) are as vulnerable now as banks in Missouri and Illinois were vulnerable to Jesse James.  Next Tina Hooks, from the LA District Attorney’s office backed this up by showing amazing facts about why criminals are targeting seniors, the kinds of scams they use, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from all the different types of elder abuse.   Some of the attendees said this was the very best presentation they had ever seen at Cerritos Senior Center and have requested that we share these slides.


Staying Independent

Aging in place is the goal of most of us as we age. Vernon Atwood from Right at Home talks about care options for maintaining independence for as long as possible.

Dementia and Driving

The ability to drive should be evaluated as we age. This need increases after a diagnosis of dementia. Vernon Atwood and Debbie Ricker, OTR/L, DRS from The Adaptive Driving Center presented an important workshop at Whittier Hospital for seniors and their loved ones. Its focus was to educate why it's not safe for anyone diagnosed with dementia to drive.

Exploring Acupuncture

What are the benefits of acupuncture as we age? We partner with Diana Kao, L.Ac. from Premiere Healthcare to bring you this presentation on acupuncture and how it works.

Right Conversations

How to improve communication in your family when a loved one needs care.


Ancient Remedies: Yoga

About this presentation:

We started offering screening and discussions of the PBS series, "Feel Grand" at Senior Centers. The goal was to increase the quality of life and reduce their need for care in the golden years.

During the process we encountered the episode, Ancient Remedies.  This is an introduction to multiple Eastern remedies and preventative measures, including Yoga, Acupuncture, herbal fixes, and more. Our team decided to zoom in and do presentations with experts on each of these "ancient remedies".

We encourage you to read more about "Feel Grand" with Jane Seymour.


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