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Caregiver CPR Training

All of our caregivers are required to be CPR certified. In the below photos you'll see a few members of our field staff who needed to renew their certification, so we set up a CPR certification class at our office. Eleven caregivers and staff participated. They were able to learn basic life support for an adult, child, and infant. They also learned how to properly do the Heimlich Maneuver on a client, whether the individual is standing or in a wheelchair.

It is important that all caregiving staff  know how to perform basic life support.   Administering CPR can prevent serious brain injury because it  can take as little as six minutes for the brain to die when it is not being supplied by oxygenated blood. There is always the possibility that a well-trained caregiver could help save a life before emergency personnel have time to arrive. 

Right at Home CPR class

Our home care team is committed to providing on-going training for our caregivers in Northwest Orange County and Southeast Los Angeles County. 


If you or a loved one need care, please call us at  714-249-4843.

If you are interested in working for us as a caregiver, please APPLY HERE. 

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