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Vernon and Grace Atwood, Owners

Vernon and Grace Atwood, owners of Right at Home Northwest Orange County.

My name is Vernon Atwood and Grace is my wife of 20 years.  We have two teenage daughters, Jessica and Jacqueline.  Northwest Orange County and Southeast Los Angeles County has been our home for more than 20 years.

Both Grace and I have been in the healthcare field for 50 years combined!  My Mom was an RN and I was always drawn towards healthcare.  I chose this field right out of college. I was also a long-distance caregiver for my mom and understand the challenges that come along with that experience.  We are fortunate that Grace's parents are still at home, happy and independent.

We are also involved in the Health Ministry at our church, where we bring communion to the homebound. This inspired us to be Right at Home owners. We were praying about how we could make a greater impact in our community and Grace saw the Right at Home story in an airline magazine. Immediately she knew this was right for us! In the article Allan Hager, Right At Home's founder and chairman, was talking about how our parents and grandparents want to stay at home; they don't want to be in a place where they are isolated. The minute the plane landed, Grace called me and we have never looked back.

We have always valued faith and family above our careers.  Now this is our chance, with God's help,  to help loved ones stay home and families stay together. In our Health Ministry vocation we find the people we serve have so much beauty and wisdom. Our role as caregivers often means that we are caring for an entire family and not just the client.  Adult children often call us in tears, exhausted and desperate for help because their parent is refusing to enter a care facility or accept help. Our services mean that family caregivers can return to their role as daughter or nephew. They can relax knowing that their loved one is safe and in good hands.

Grace on Team

Grace and I are very involved in community organizations around Orange County and Los Angeles. We both participate in outreach programs through our church, conduct prison ministry and bring communion to the homebound. We also teach high school kids every other Monday night. I give presentations about fall prevention and generally how seniors can maintain their independence. I also play guitar every Monday at a low-income assisted living facility, helping out the Legion of Mary.

At Right at Home Northwest Orange County, we have assembled a loving and caring team who are totally dedicated to improving quality of life for those we serve. We are using our broad experience in healthcare and community service to ensure your experience with us is professional, dependable and loving.

Meet Our Care Team

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