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Our Process

You’ve worked hard to build a wonderful life for yourself and your family. Now you need a little help, but you have no intentions of life being any less extraordinary. We want your experience with us to be just as remarkable. To make sure it is, we developed a unique five-step approach to care.

At each step, our focus is on you. From learning about your wishes and answering your questions to creating a care plan just for you and matching you with the right caregiver, you are our priority. And it doesn’t stop there—we’ll be right there with you throughout the care process giving you and your family the support you need. After all, you’ve worked hard to get here. Let us take the heavy lifting from here.

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What To Expect

Whether you’re looking for help living independently, or if you want to make sure someone you love has the support they need to stay in their home, Right at Home of West Orange County can be your guide to living successfully, wherever home may be.
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1. Develop a Client Care Profile
When you call Right at Home, we start by gathering information on how we can best help you. We’ll ask some questions to get a better understanding of your wishes. Then, we’ll arrange an in-home visit to perform a basic needs and environment assessment as well as answer any questions you may have.
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2. Create a Person-Centered Care Plan
Next, we’ll craft a person-centered care plan that is tailored to your needs. The plan incorporates your and your loved one’s history, routines, and preferences in order to create support activities that will provide the most benefit. We will review the care plan with you in detail and modify it as you see fit.
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3. Identify the Best Caregiver for You
Allowing someone into your home is a big step. We are honored and grateful that you put your trust in us. So, it’s important that we make the perfect caregiver match. We consider numerous factors such as interests, personalities, and services needed. All caregivers are screened, including background and reference checks. They are also bonded/insured. Of course, your comfort matters the most. If you ever have any concerns, we will work to find you a new caregiver.
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4. Deliver Extraordinary Care
We believe every interaction with Right at Home should be extraordinary. Right at Home’s caregivers live our mission and strive to improve the quality of life for those they serve each day. They understand that social connections and personal interactions are key to living a happy life. That’s why they provide more than just quality care—they provide extraordinary experiences.
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5. Provide Ongoing Support
Right at Home caregivers keep detailed notes so you know exactly what happened each time they provided service. Supervisory staff also make periodic visits to your loved one’s home to ensure things are going well. And, because your care team is trained to notice and report changes in health or condition, we can quickly adjust care if needed.

Ensuring Quality Care

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

We provide home care services that are focused on you. To ensure we function with integrity, accountability, and excellence we use a Nurse Supervisor, who is a trained Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Our staff nurse safeguards the quality of care that is carried out on a day to day basis. Beyond the support and training, our nurse also connects with medical professionals and government policies to allow you to be free from worrying about contacting medical staff, updating records, or logistical planning. 


Ensures Quality Care through Education & Support

It starts from the moment you contact us. By performing or supervising activities that relate to care assessments and custom care plans the recommendations we make are backed by years of nursing experience. If there is any update to a care plan it is reviewed by our Nurse Supervisor.  Training for clients and their families that may be included in the development of a custom care plan are checked before being implemented. The supervision over assessments and care plans helps proper caregiver matching. Matching a caregiver with your needs and common interests is another level of specialized care provided by our office. The combination of care plans and caregiver matching backed by years of experience promises you are receiving quality home care.

Our Nurse Supervisor also conduct orientation and educational in-services for our caregiver staff. If any questions should ever arise by caregivers, our staff nurse quickly responds with full understanding of the customized care plan and caregiver training.

Connects with Medical Professionals & Resources

The State of California has increased the layers of accountability for home care agencies. Some of these layers of accountability ask for communication with physicians and other medical professionals to review their orders as to properly apply them to our care plans. Another layer that our office provides is to ensure communication about any noticeable changes medical or mental of the client is relayed to attending physicians and anyone involved with providing care. 

Beyond medical providers, our Nurse Supervisor can coordinate arrangements with other health care and equipment providers if medical equipment is needed. The ability to connect and verify resources in the community, like medical equipment providers, keeps families and care providers informed.

Continued Development & Oversight

Providing the best home care services requires growth and improvements as the needs of each generation change. Being in compliance with state and federal regulations is a minimum standard for our office. Our policies of care, communication, and professionalism have produced a stronger, healthier senior community. Having a nurse committed to quality improvements and experience to carry out best practices is another reason why our home care services are consistent and quality.

Our office provides award winning home care based on both client and caregiver reviews. Having a Nurse Supervisor to oversee quality care plans, train caregivers, and work with medical professionals is a significant reason why.

Standardized Care

Our RightApproach of Standardized Care means that no matter how big or small the case is that we will determine what is needed to take the appropriate care for the client. 

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