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"We work and refer to Comfort Plus because they have some of the best incontinent products on the market." - Mark Leuer, Owner

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The Comfort Plus Story

When Bessie Shippey was severely abused and neglected, her granddaughter Martha O'Neil decided to take action into her own hands to stop elder abuse. Martha effectively lobbied for changes to the elder abuse laws of Arizona, founded the Bessie Shippey Victims Assistance Fund, co-chaired the Maricopa County Elder Care Abuse Council (MEAPA) and advocated mightily for her cause.

Comfort Plus StaffBut there was a more personal response to her grandmother's tragedy. As a result of 14 months of physical abuse, Bessie became urinary incontinent (lost control of her bladder) and was terrified to have an accident. Martha, now caring for her grandmother in her own home, became aware of the problems associated with inferior incontinence care products: skin breakdown, infection, odor, and embarrassment. Martha's search for better incontinence care products led her to Tranquility. She founded Comfort Plus in 1992, a medical supply company specializing in selling Tranquility incontinence care products. Martha's enthusiasm to change the way people think about incontinence care, particularly in a long-term care environment, has made an enormous difference in improving the quality of care in the Southwest.

Martha sadly passed away in January of 2003 due to complications from diabetes. Linda Anderton, who shepherded the business through the difficult years of Martha's illness, still presides over Comfort Plus as General Manager. Linda oversees a wonderful team of Incontinence Care Specialists that meet with clients in the privacy of their own homes, group homes and even in larger facilities. Once clients have sampled the Tranquility products they see a major difference in absorption, as well as, "no more leaking". Comfort Plus always treats their clients with dignity, respect and discretion for their condition. Comfort Plus has helped thousands of Arizonans and people all over the country with their incontinence. We hope to continue to do so for many more years.

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